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Lisa Hentges says: “The Dabbling Speechie Newsletter caters to speech and language pathologists who are in the never-ending quest for new ideas for speech and language therapy! Felice Clark is a multi-talented speech and language pathologist with over 9 years of experience who has developed and integrated creative ideas and products into her practice and shares it with others through the Teachers Pay Teachers website and her own newsletter, “The Dabbling Speechie”. She is generous by sharing her speech and language success with others!!”

Meredith Wheeldon says: “Just so you know, I really look forward to your newsletters! This is my first year out of grad school working in the schools as an SLP and it is HARD! I love your resources.”

Emily Reppe says, The Dabbling Speechie happily dabbled into my life this school year.  It happened at the perfect time as I entered into a new position and was in desperate need of FUN with therapy again. Thank you Felice for all of your creative, hands-on ideas and most of all your generosity!! My students see how excited I am about therapy and it rubs off on them. You must check out The Dabbling Speechie and put the fun back into therapy!!”

“You are an inspiration!! I needed to read this today- thank you for the positivity! Have a blessed holiday! 🙂 “ – Vanessa French