Ep. 37 Collaborating with OT’s on Your AAC Assessment

Ep. 37 Collaborating with OT’s on Your AAC Assessment

Hey Hey SLPS! In this week’s episode, Mara Jonet and Annabeth Knight from The Fanny Pack Therapist join Felice to talk about AAC Assessment. This OT | SLP duo are an interdisciplinary team passionate about collaborative care, AAC/AT, and a minimalist therapy approach. Mara and Annabeth are friends in real life and share a passion for the 90s! These ladies came up with the idea of The Fanny Pack Therapist because they believe you can minimize therapy supplies and be more efficient! 


in this episode: 

You’ll hear

  • How to approach and assess AAC assessments collaboratively
  • Best resources to use for AAC Assessment
  • Tips for SLPs to consider during an AAC assessment from an OT perspective

Stay Connected with Mara and Annabeth 

Stay in touch with Mara and Annabeth:

Website: https://fannypacktherapist.wixsite.com/blog

Instagram: @thefannypacktherapist

Ep. 27 Tips for Parent Coaching

Ep. 27 Tips for Parent Coaching

As Marvin Gaye puts it, “It Takes Two” even for parent coaching. This week Felice will give practical tips and strategies to help with parent coaching!  You will learn how to communicate with parents so they can see the benefits and buy-in to your strategies. Parents need to understand what strategy you want them to use, why you want them to use it, and how to use it. 

In this episode: 

You’ll hear

  • How to find out what barriers parents may have and how to fill those needs.
  • How to discuss the best way for the student to learn and be coached. 
  • How to use the TACO method and why it is important for parent coaching.
  • How to be positive and keep encouraging the parents.

If you are implementing a parent coaching model for students in Prek-2nd grade, and need easy ways to show parents how they can use a toy to cover lots of speech and language skills, you can use my toy companion cheat sheets.

Elizabeth shares that she uses these cheat sheets like this, “This has been so helpful in my parent coaching sessions while students learn virtually. I can send it to them ahead of time, and then point out the parts to focus on. It has also helped me use some popular toys in new ways during in person sessions!”

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