There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey Free Printable

When you need a Thanksgiving-themed book that provides repetitive text, silly things happening, and structured story sequencing, you grab the book, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey by Lucille Collandro (Amazon affiliate link included.)

Kids love to talk about the items she swallows, and the text has a rhyme and flow that are great for phonemic awareness.

You can usually find some sound-loaded words in the text to make this the ultimate mixed group book!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey Free Printable

Have a story retell visual for There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey free printable.

One way you can quickly adapt this book for your mixed groups is by having visual supports to go along with the book. Not only does this help you have an extension activity after reading the book, but you can also model and scaffold for students that thrive from having visuals.

If you were anything like me when I worked in the school setting, having TIME to prep in-depth visual supports was nonexistent. So, I have a free printable that is low prep to us with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey.

Plus, this story retell visual support also has a digital Google Slide that you can use on your laptop, during teletherapy, or on a SMARTboard in a classroom.

Click the image below to get your There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey free printable.

How to Use Your Old Lady Story Retell Visual Support

What is great about this book is you can use it to increase engagement with Thanksgiving-themed vocabulary.

But, you can also conversation recast a LOT of unique verbs while reading the story and discussing the pictures in the book. With your free printable, you also get visuals for verbs and vocabulary in the story.

For teaching depth of knowledge with the vocabulary, you can name 

  • synonyms/antonyms
  • use the words in sentences
  • give kid-friendly definitions
  • describe the items the lady swallows by attributes

To target CORE words, you can model “swallow” or “eat” as well as “why,” “don’t,” “go,” “more,” and “see.”

Your students with grammar goals can work on sentence formation, past-tense verbs, and transition words such as first, next, and last.

Not only can you work on sequencing skills, but you also can work on basic concepts for first/last and before/after using the book and the visual story retell printable.

Have a story retell visual for There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey free printable.

Sneezy the Snowman Story Retell Prop Kit

Sneezy the Snowman Story Retell Prop Kit

When it comes to choosing a snowman book for your caseload, you want a book that has great pictures, and LOTS of language concepts to target. Plus, you have a lot of students working on comprehension and oral narration, you want a snowman book that targets story elements. Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright ticks off all those boxes for me. It’s a great story that kids LOVE to hear. Today, I am going to share how you can make a Sneezy the Snowman story retell kit to make your sessions more engaging when working on speech or language goals. If you need more snowman-themed book ideas, head to this blog post! Amazon affiliate links are included in this post for your convenience, this means I get a small commission when you purchase anything from Amazon.

What is a Story Prop Kit?

Story prop kits are items related to the book that help children stay engaged during the story. They can be felt characters and vocabulary items for a storyboard or manipulatives related to the story.

Research has shown that students’ comprehension improves when children retell the story in their own words. The two strategies that worked best were children verbally recounting the story and enacting the story given props.

Creating a story prop kit allows you to implement both of these strategies with Sneezy the Snowman!

Can you think of a few kids on your caseload that would love this while working on narration? These stories retell kits can be great for students with shortened attention spans! Or, your kids who love to touch items. Your students will enjoy the activity when it feels more like play!

Make a Sneezy the Snowman story retell prop kit to make working on language concepts and story elements more engaging in your speech therapy sessions.
Make a Sneezy the Snowman story retell prop kit to make working on language concepts and story elements more engaging in your speech therapy sessions.

Where Can I Find the Sneezy the Snowman Story Retell Props?

For your Sneezy the Snowman story retell kit, you definitely want a snowman, fire, green mug, hot tub, hot chocolate, and ice cream! Having some kid figurines could be great too.

You can always ask your family and friends on Facebook to see if they have any old toys they would want to donate to you and your caseload. Another way to acquire these toys on a budget is by asking parents on your caseload. There is always the Goodwill and garage sale hunt too! If you need some tips for planning themed therapy lessons on a budget, listen to episode 47 on the Real Talk SLP podcast for more tips. Fortunately, I had most of the items in other playsets!

For my story retell kit, I wanted a plush snowman and found it on Oriental Trading company. But, right now, it is not in stock, so you can find one on Amazon.

Grab a fire from Melissa and Doug camping set or this fisher price version on Amazon.

Use a coffee mug from your house or a cup from one of your tea sets.

Look for a metal tin can from Target, or Dollar Tree to be the hot tub.

If you own the Melissa and Doug ice cream set, just borrow the ice cream cones.

For kids, you can grab the little people sets or just borrow Lego people.

During the story, Sneezy melts and needs to be built again. You can find some felt snowmen kits like this one on Amazon (it’s really big) or you can use the build a snowman file folder printables from my snowman-themed language lesson plan guides.

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Speech Therapy Activities for Sneezy the Snowman

Make a Sneezy the Snowman story retell prop kit to make working on language concepts and story elements more engaging in your speech therapy sessions.

This book is great for story elements, but there are some other great ways you can use this book!

For your students working on CORE words, you can target “like, “put,” “you,” and “more.”

Thre are examples of hot and cold throughout Sneezy the Snowman. You can describe the shades of meaning for hot and cold. 

If you have students with s-blend goals, this is a great book to target consonant clusters.

Practice naming items that would go in the hot and cold category group.

Target “where” questions focusing on prepositions for the location of Sneezy throughout the book.

How Would You Use Sneezy the Snowman in Speech Therapy?

Do your students love Sneezy the Snowman? What goals or activities would you do with this story prop kit? I would love to hear your ideas! Whenever I can find new ways to use a set of materials, therapy planning is easier. If you can use this one-story prop kit with a bulk of your caseload, you are saving LOTS of hours of prep work.

Share in the comments your therapy ideas for using Sneezy the snowman!

Need some more snowman ideas? Here are some blog posts to help you plan a snowman-themed therapy unit:


Make your own Sneezy the Snowman Story Retell Prop Kit to work on oral narration as a hands-on speech therapy activity.
Activities for The Mitten for Speech Therapy

Activities for The Mitten for Speech Therapy

The Mitten book for Speech Therapy

During the winter months, I love using The Mitten in Speech Therapy. It is such a versatile book to target speech and language goals. One reason, “The Mitten” is a great book choice for your students with language impairments is because there is a little illustration on each page showing what will happen next. This gives our students a visual cue to help with comprehending the story.

Today, I wanted to share some ways you can use the book to target multiple goals as well as share about some resources you can use as extension activities. This book is such a classic that you can find it at the library, GoodWill or on Amazon (affiliate link).

If you love using The Mitten with your mixed groups, the Themed Therapy SLP membership has a winter unit with a book cheat sheet and a visual story map to help you adapt the story for different ages and groups. When you sign up for the annual membership, you can access over 24 themes to plan for your Prek-5th grade caseload. 

Speech Therapy Activities for The Mitten Book

There is research that shows when language therapy focuses on a broad range of skills such as vocabulary, grammar, syntax, narrative skills, and inferencing are linked to showing effective outcomes for student’s reading comprehension abilities. As oral language improves, so does reading comprehension, which is what we want to see in our students.

So, using stories to cover all those concepts is an effective way to plan therapy. You can teach your students tier II vocabulary from the story such as attracted, grumbled, commotion and swooped.

After you read the story, your students can act out the words, use them in a sentence within the context of the story, name antonyms/synonyms for the word and create picture friendly definitions.

the mitten speech therapy ideas to teach oral narration and language concepts. #booksforspeech #speechtherapy #oralnarration #cfyslp #speechies #schoolslp #slpeeps #pediatricslp #winterbooks #themitten
The Mitten Speech Therapy activities to build language #slpeeps #schoolslp #themitten #preschool #preschoolslp #speechtherapy #oralnarration #storyretell #vocabularyactivities #winteractivities #cfyslp #speechies #slp2b #sped #pediatricslp #schoolslp #schoolbasedslp #vocabularyactivities

As you are reading the story outloud to your students, you can conduct think-alouds about the book. A think-aloud is a strategy you can use to demonstrate how you are thinking about the text you are reading. This helps you students to learn the strategies they need to utilize to understand the content they are listening to or reading. You can have your student think-aloud about what the character’s are feeling, making predictions about the story elements and to help your students check to see if they understand what is happening in the story.

Free Activities for The Mitten Book

The Mitten speech therapy activities for the busy SLP. #slpeeps #schoolslp #speechies #oralnarration #sped #vocabulary #freeprintables #themitten

As you read each page of the story, you can create visual sentence frames you want the student to use with the book.

By having one or two sentence frames, helps reduce the cognitive load for your students. It can help your student expressively demonstrate their grammar or comprehension skills without feeling overwhelmed with what they have to produce.

A simple sentence frame for “The Mitten” could be, “The ___ went inside the mitten.”

A more complex sentence frame visual could be working on inferencing, such as “I predict the ______ will _______ because of ______.”

You can also use this FREE sentence frame graphic organizer to create more complex sentences about each page in the story.

Place the graphic organizer in a page protector and use it with a dry-erase marker. Have you ever tried Ultra Fine Tip dry-erase markers? They are the best! You can get them on Amazon (affiliate link).

AAC CORE words for The Mitten by Jan Brett

One way you can make this book more accessible to your students using AAC is by adding the CORE and FRINGE vocabulary to your book!

Many of your students with moderate language impairments may need the story simplified to help them understand the main parts. These visual sidekicks from The Language Ladies SLP can help you have the visual supports you need to help improve your students’ grammar and vocabulary.

For your students that are struggling with comprehension and need the book adapted, having those visuals to reference while you are reading can be very helpful to increase engagement. When our students understand the language, they are more likely to be excited to participate.

I just attached the visual sidekicks with Velcro Dots that I got on Amazon (affiliate link).

Mitten Sensory Bin for Articulation and Language

After reading the book, “The Mitten,” you can work on describing mittens by attributes such as category group, function, parts, textures, where, etc.

You can talk about how mittens come in pairs and why you need them for both hands.

This mittens match-up sensory bin resource allows your students to find “pairs” of items that go together, such as word association, antonyms, and categories. This helps build depth of knowledge for words being taught to our students with language impairments.

For the filler, you can use salt, white play dough, cotton balls, white yarn, cutup white straws, or white pom pom balls. To see more winter sensory bins, check out this blog post

The Mitten Speech Therapy sensory bin for word associationas #slpsensorybin #sensorybin #preschool #preschoolslp
The Mitten speech therapy sensory bin to work on ca category groups #slpsensorybin #sensorybin #speechtherapy #preschoolslp

The Mitten Sequencing Activities – Free Printables

If you have students that benefit from hands-on activities, I highly recommend downloading these free printables for, “The Mitten.”

You can use them to help your students with story retell, which is an evidence-based practice for improving vocabulary and comprehension. You can also use these visuals to create a sensory bin. An SLP submitted this sensory bin idea. She used ripped up white paper for filler, and a long piece of string to be the mitten. Then, she placed the printables in the bin and worked on oral narration. 

You can work on the vocabulary word “fit” and “big” while using this free printable art project that can also teach vocabulary.

While coloring the item that can fit in the mitten, you can talk about mittens by attributes as well as the item the child chose to draw. How would you use this free printable for The Mitten in therapy? Share in the comments. 

The Mitten Activities Printables – FREE

Here are some more free printables and activities that you can use with your students to work on language and oral narration with “The Mitten”:

The Mitten Emergent Reader

Jan Brett Story Maps

The Mitten by Jan Brett Activities Flip Book FREE

The Mitten Sequence Cards

The Mitten speech therapy activities to build language in an engaging way for students. #slpeeps #eslteacher #sped #themitten #visualsuppors #literacyinspeech #literacy #speechtherapy #schoolslp

What activities for The Mitten do you plan for your sessions?

I would love to know what resources or tools you use to incorporate the book, “The Mitten,” in your speech therapy sessions.

What skills do you target? How do you use the book in mixed groups? Share in the comments what is working for your students. I would love to add some new ideas with this book.