3 FREE Speech Therapy Valentine’s Day Activities

3 FREE Speech Therapy Valentine’s Day Activities

Planning themed therapy activities for your caseload can be kinda hard because we treat so many different goals and needs! Plus, we have limited time to plan and it feels like a rare commodity if we work for a district that actually gives us a material spending budget. So, we often have to fork out our own money to find quality speech therapy materials for our caseload. Today, I am sharing three free speech therapy Valentine’s day activities that you can use with mixed groups!

Easy Mixed Group Craft for Valentine’s Day

Use this Mouth Loves _____ to pieces craft to cover ANY goal on your caseload. It is super low prep. You just need to print the mouth template and grab any colored construction paper.

You can have students write words that are related to their goals. Or, if you have students glue their target pictures to the craft. In my TPT store, there is the Any Craft Companion Speech and Language Resource that has picture target words for this craft.

If you need more craft ideas to use during the month of February, check out this blog post.



Speech Therapy Valentine’s Day Verbs and Vocabulary Activities


When it comes to serving our students with language goals, we want themed materials that can cover a lot of different language goals. Did you know that it takes children with language impairments up to 36 engagements with a word before they master it? That’s why it is super important for the word targets you chose. When you use a Valentine’s Day theme, you want to choose words related to the theme. Those words are more likely to appear in the Valentine’s Day books you read and the words being discussed in the classroom in February.



How to Use Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Use this free Valentine’s Day grammar and vocabulary activity set to cover the following goals on your caseload:


  • -Pronouns
  • -Verb tense
  • -Present Progressive Verb Marker
  • -Describing nouns by attributes
  • -Answering wh-questions about Valentine’s Day-themed nouns
  • -Building MLU

Hit the pink button below to get all the activities mentioned in this blog post. 


If you love using vocabulary words related to your favorite seasonal themes, check out these themed grammar and vocabulary activities to pair with any seasonal book for your k-2 caseload!


List of Valentine’s Day Verbs to Use in Speech Therapy

If you are needing some ideas for themed verb lists for Valentine’s Day, here are some examples in the picture. You can use the EBP strategy of conversation recasting paired with explicitly explaining the grammar rule to teach different verb markers. To learn more about the conversational recasting strategy, check out this blog post


Valentine’s Day Grammar Worksheet Activity


Are you struggling with keeping your older students motivated to practice their language goals? That’s when you introduce a challenge to them and it changes everything.

Giving your students a challenge, it makes the activity about what they produce rather than what you are directing them to do in the session. So, you can search Valentine’s Day photos on Google Photos and use those with this lesson. Have students write sentences or short stories about the pictures. Give them a challenge card to have them try and include elements in their writing. After you give them some time to write sentences, you can give them points for the elements in the sentence. This allows time to discuss what the student did well with their vocabulary and grammar and how they can improve on the sentence. Grab this free Valentine’s Day language activity by clicking the pink button below. 

What Free Speech Therapy Valentine’s Day Activities Have You Found Helpful for Your Students?


Do you have a go-to Valentine’s Day activity you love to use with your students? Better yet, is it a free download? Or, something that you can access on YouTube? If you have something that your students LOVE, let me know in the comments. I am sure other SLPs would love to know what is working for your students.

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Ideas

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Ideas

During the month of February, creating some fun Valentine’s day sensory bin activities can make your speech therapy sessions more engaging. When coming up with a new sensory bin idea, you can look for inspiration from the books you are using, skills your students are working on or the vocabulary in the theme.

Today, I am going to show you some different Valentine’s Day sensory bins that you can use with your students. Many of the ideas can be adapted for different goals, which helps with lesson planning for mixed groups.

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Fillers

Every sensory bin should have a filler item in the bin. The filler is using a tactile material that helps bring make the materials more engaging. You can read all about sensory bin ideas HERE

Here are a list of some types of sensory bin fillers (Amazon Affiliate links included for your convenience):


How to Choose Your Sensory Bin Filler

Picture your caseload and what they may like to touch or what is best for their sensory system. For example, a lot of my younger mod-severe students cannot handle small plastic items because they would try to eat them. Or, they may try to dump out the bin, so I want easy to clean up fillers.

Sticking with affordable fillers that are easy to clean like shredded paper, foam pieces and pom pom balls would be a good choice for my students. 

For friends that need the sensory input you may want to use rice or pasta. It’s all about what your friends can handle. I stick all of my sensory bin fillers in gallon sized plastic bags and rotate with one bin. That makes it easier to store. 

Use these Valentine’s Day sensory bin ideas to increase engagement in your speech therapy sessions with your K-2 students. #slpsensorybin #sensorybin #sensoryplay #preschool #kindergarten #valentinesday #speechlanguagepathology #sped #speechtherapy #slpeeps #schoolslp #vocabulary #eslteacher

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Material Ideas

When choosing what materials you want to put in your bin, think about all the task cards you have in your therapy rooms. Those can be put in your bin. If you need some Valentine’s Day verb cards, grab this FREE set in my TPT store

You can put mini trinkets in the plastic heart containers and work on all sorts of vocabulary, speech, grammar or wh -question goals. Here are ways that I adapt mini trinkets in my sessions. 

Put story elements from the book you are reading in the sensory bin and work on story retell. What materials do you put in your Valentine’s Day sensory bins? Share in the comments!

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Ideas

One of the most versatile sensory bins I have made simply had shredded paper, pom poms and foam hearts in the bin. I added visual stimulus pictures from my Any Craft Companion resource to the foam hearts with paper clips and had students use a magnetic wand to collect all the hearts. If you need more ways to use your magnetic wands with students, check out this blog post HERE

This went well with the book, “The Day it Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond. Incorporating the magnetic wand made it extra engaging for students. You can switch out stimulus items on the foam hearts easily group after group. 


Broken Hearts Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

Have your students find the broken hearts that are in the sensory bin. Use these word association match-ups in your sensory bin from my Valentine’s Day language lesson plan guides. You can use the pictures to compare/contrast, use in grammatically correct sentences, answer wh – questions and describe by attributes.

Verbs Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

Use the heart verb cards from my Valentine’s Day language lesson plan guides in a sensory bin. Have students pick the verb card and then use the sentence frames to discuss all the different ways you can use that verb. I also have “What is the person doing?” stimulus cards with visual answer choices. You can use them with my heart cutouts. Attach paperclips to the task cards. If the child gets a card that has a heart attached, they can keep it. Whoever has the most hearts wins. 


What Valentine’s Day Sensory Bins Do You Love

Share your favorite bin fillers and materials to use with a sensory bin. You can also grab some FREE printables for your next Valentine’s Day sensory bin by downloading my ultimate sensory bin guide.