Do you use The Dabbling Speechie’s resources with your students? Are you an SLP that loves to share about what is working well for your students? There is a great collaboration opportunity that I am opening up to my SLP tribe. I would love to have the chance to work together to do great things for students and SLP educator

You might be a good fit if: 

-If you love engaging lessons for your students

-Love using The Dabbling Speechie’s resources with your students

-Like to collaborate and help with creating new resources to help students

Who I am hoping to work with in the program:

-SLPs and Sped teachers to try out a new resource with students and/or give feedback about the resource

-SLPs and Sped teachers to give feedback about new resources

-SLPs and Sped teachers to take monthly photos of The Dabbling Speechie resources in action. I am asking for people to take at least 4 photos a month.

– SLPs and Sped teachers to share The Dabbling Speechie resources on their own personal social media pages to help spread the word about how other special education educators can use these resources with students.

Benefits of being in the Brand Ambassador Program:

You will receive resources in exchange for photos. Each month you will have access to different resources from my store. You will have the opportunity to review them, and take photos. Part of this collaboration means you will get to be part of new resources that I create. Your contribution will be helping SLPs and Sped teachers with activities to help students become better communicators!

How do you participate if chosen for the program:

-As a brand ambassador, you will join a private Facebook group. In this group we will collaborate about resources. You will have access to a shared Google Drive folder that contains monthly free resources.

-You will be responsible for participating in the Facebook group and taking monthly photos. If there is not consistent participation, you will be removed from the group.

-TPT sellers and bloggers are not eligible at this time for this program.

-This brand ambassador program will go for 6 months starting January 1st 2019 and go until June 2019. At that time, I will re-open applications for new ambassadors. You can apply again if you enjoyed being a part of the program. 

How do I apply:

To apply to be a Dabbling Speechie Brand Ambassador, CLICK ON THE LINK and fill out the application form. You will receive an email if you are selected. An email will also go out to applicants if they aren’t selected. The good news is you can apply in June for an opportunity!