Do you need visual supports for articulation carryover in speech therapy? I have a quick articulation carryover idea that may help your students. Many of my students are great with producing their sounds at the single sentence level, but struggle with monitoring their speech in other contexts.

articulation carryover idea

When we work on their articulation during more unstructured conversational tasks, my student need many verbal and visual reminders to think about their speech.

Visual Supports For Articulation Carryover In Speech Therapy

I have been trying to fade back my verbal prompts, but was having little success.  I use some visual prompts when we do drill and kill type of activities, but when we move to more unstructured tasks, many of my kids completely forget about the sound they are working on.

Sound familiar?  I wanted to have something that I could hold up or another student to help visually remind them to THINK ABOUT THEIR SPEECH!

I made some visual speech reminders and taped onto craft sticks.  I can hold these up every time the student needs a visual reminder during structured conversational tasks.

Click Here to download these visual speech reminders

What tips and tricks do you have for working on articulation at the conversational level?