How to Plan Your Social Skill Therapy Groups

How to Plan Your Social Skill Therapy Groups

Are you feeling overwhelmed with planning therapy sessions for students with social pragmatic disorders? In this week’s episode, I will guide you in steps to build a hierarchy to make preparing for these sessions less stressful!
in this episode:

You’ll hear:

  • Social pragmatic therapy and engaging ideas to serve students who are struggling with social communications.
  • Where to start in therapy. How to determine what is most efficient or effective for the student.
  • How to build a hierarchy to make planning for your sessions more effective.

Here are what some previous attendees shared about the Speech Retreat event:

Megan said, “I signed up because I attended in November and the materials, swag and presenters were AMAZING!!”

Kaitlin said, “I’ve attended the past 2 virtual retreats. I love all of the immediately applicable ideas I get from these retreats (and the swag, who could forget the swag.)”

All the engaging learning is happening on March 6th right in the comfort of your own home. If you can’t tune in LIVE, you get replays of all the presentations for life.


The following learning objectives will be met at this workshop:

  1. Learn how to create versatile therapy materials/activities that target a variety of goals.
  2. List the benefits of hands on, interactive therapy activities.
  3. Learn time saving tips to better manage their school based caseloads.
  4. Construct a plan to have a less stressful school year.
  5. Pick the brains of some of the awesomest four SLPs ever.

Plus, SLPs that grab their ticket by February 1st, get an exclusive swag box delivered to their door!

This was the swag from our November retreat. Even Bernie doesn’t want to miss out on mailed goodies from the Speech Retreat lol.

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3 Ways to Use Google Apps to Manage Your Speech Caseload

3 Ways to Use Google Apps to Manage Your Speech Caseload

Real Talk SLP Podcast- 3 Ways to Use Google Apps to Manage Your Speech Caseload

Are you feeling like you only see your students “From a Distance”, as Bette Midler put it? Teaching virtually is definitely a challenge but… Never Fear! This week I will share 3 Google Apps that can be easily adapted to streamline lessons remotely or for in-person instruction.  These apps can help you collaborate with other teachers and parents, collect data, streamline paperwork, and organize digital materials. Even though we may be teaching from a distance, these apps will definitely make your life a little easier so you can focus more on your students!  

Blog Posts and Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Episode

in this episode:  You’ll hear

  • How you can collaborate with others using Google Docs. By creating an editable doc, you can share ideas, keep a running log of behaviors, and/or create a parent contact list.
  • How Google Forms can be used to collect data, progress monitoring, speech referrals and more.
  • How to use Google Slides to organize digital materials all in one place.

How to Use Google Slides YouTube:  

How to Assign a Google Slide in Google Classroom:  

Setting up Digital Speech Folders and how to link to websites, YouTube, and resources from your Google Drive:  

Google App Resources to Use with Your Students in Speech Therapy

Create digital speech folders for your students working on articulation and/or phonology goals.

You can also use the digitals google slide templates to create task cards, digital language and social language folders, have behavior visuals, and customize game templates. Check it out HERE.

The digital speech folders also come with progress monitoring tools and Google Forms, so that you can informally assess progress on goals digitally.

The articulation and language screeners also come with Google Slides for the stimulus items, and Google Forms to collect the student’s responses digitally, so you can access them anywhere. 

All of the themed push-in language lesson plan guides come with a Google Slide presentation that can be used in teletherapy or on the SMARTboard during whole-class push-in lessons.

They include activities, YouTube video movement breaks, links to book read alouds, and YouTube videos related to the topic. You can check out all the language lesson plan guides HERE.

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My Best Google Slides Techy Hacks

My Best Google Slides Techy Hacks

Real Talk SLP Podcast – My Best Google Slides Techy Hacks

“Help! I need somebody, Help! Not just anybody!” Adding Pizzazz to make your speech therapy sessions more engaging for your students has never been more fun! In this episode, Felice shares her very best Techy Hacks for creating materials with google slides to increase engagement in your therapy sessions and to make things more organized for you and your students.   Adding GIFS, youtube videos, and even how to upload your own material to google slides. Felice has the Techy Hacks you have been waiting for!

Blog Posts and Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Episode

Hybrid Schedules and Winter Theme Ideas

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” These words couldn’t be more true as we navigate through this year of hybrid, virtual, and face to face schedules! Lauren introduces us to some wonderful resources with a Winter theme for any of these scenarios. Whatever your situation may be, this episode focuses on tips for making the most of your lessons/sessions as we head back to school in 2021.

in this episode: 

You’ll hear

  • How to juggle the hybrid schedule for SLP teachers. Lauren shares how to navigate through the changes in scheduling throughout the school year. These schedules can change every 9 weeks, need to have a mix of digital and printable activities for both students
  •  Lauren talks about materials and shares her go-to winter-themed resources for your Prek-2nd grade students as well as older students.
  • Websites and digital tools that are helpful for serving virtual students, and can also be used for in-person therapy.
  • Special promotion from top TPT sellers January 4th – 11th SLP Must Have BUNDLE 

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Monthly Plans FREE download from Lauren’s freebie library

Hot Cocoa Mini Unit by Lauren LaCour Haines

Arctic Animals Mini Unit by Lauren LaCour Haines

Winter-Themed YouTube Videos Organized Google Slides FREE download by Felice Clark

Winter-Themed Accordion Crafts by Lauren LaCour Haines

Winter Inferencing and Text Evidence Pack

Piere the Penguin Book Companion by Whitney SLP

Pierre the Penguin No Prep Book Companion by Whitney SLP

SLP Must Have BUNDLE Deal – January 4th-11th

10 articulation resources $110 value for only $28 (75% off)

12 language resources $107 value for only $28 (75% off)

10 winter activities in the BONUS Mega BUNDLE has all the articulation and language and the winter bonuses for $52 (80% off ) total value $265

We all know how stressful getting back to work after a holiday break can be (especially during the uncertain time with COVID 19).  Finding the right resources for your students during this unprecedented time shouldn’t have to be a worry in your mind. I teamed up with the top selling TPT authors that you know and trust to provide you with an unbelievable collection of resources at a deep discount. Don’t stress about finding resources right now, let us do the work with our carefully curated collection that will cover your entire caseload. We have three options available to cut down hours of time searching for the right resources (articulation, language, or BOTH with winter-themed bonuses).  One of the greatest things about this collection is that it comes with resources that are print & go and digital.(BOOM Cards, Interactive PDFs, and Google Slides). 

There are 3 options (75-80% discount)

  • Articulation Bundle: 10 Articulation Resources valued at $110 for only $28
  • Language Bundle: 12 Language Resources valued at $107 for only $28
  • MEGA Bundle: ALL of the articulation and language resources PLUS Bonus winter-themed resources (valued at $265) for only $52.00. 

Grab the bundle here:

Real Talk SLP episode 17 – Building a Diverse Book Library

Have you ever taken an inventory of your book library? When I discovered Shontaye Glover’s IG account @havingoursay last year, I started looking at my book library differently.


As a school-based SLP, I would often plan by themes because it was the most efficient way for me to plan for multiple goals and ages. One thing that I was missing from many of my themes was books with characters from different cultures. I tended to lean towards books with animals, vehicles, or category types like apples, fall, etc. But, Shontaye has shown me how I can still plan my favorite themes and broaden my book selection to make sure it showcases children and characters of all races and walks of life.


Shontaye always shares new books on her IG that inspire you with characters from different cultures and backgrounds. She gives you a great synopsis of the book and how to use it in your therapy room.


In this episode, Shontaye shares about how to build your own diverse book library, and how she started hers!


She also gives us some practical tips on how to choose books with characters from different cultures and ideas for how to use them in therapy.


Of course, I wanted her fave book recommendations, so she shared those at the end of the interview:


Plus, Shontaye shared all about her new book “Liam’s First Cut” that is on pre-sale. You can get your own copy here:


This book will be so helpful for my students with Autism to be a social story for going to the barbershop.


Want all of Shontaye’s book recommendations? Head to her website:


Top 5 book recommendations to add to your book library:


Daniel’s Good Day by Micha Archer

Liam’s First Cut by Taye Jones (This is Shontaye, how cool!)

Bilal Cooks Daal by Aisha Saeed

Thank You Omu by Oge Mora

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi


How to connect with Shontaye:

Diverse books:

Instagram: @havingoursay

Real Talk SLP episode 16 – 5 back to school tips for SLPs

Raise your hand if you feel like you got sucked into the Jumanji game and you are still trying to get used to your new body?

Yep, the Jumanji game is distance learning and our character’s weakness is technology. If you need a back to school chuckle, then you want to listen to this latest podcast episode.

It has all the best back to school tips that every SLP needs to adjust to this new normal of working from home while also taking care of our families, and trying to schedule every student in the day while not disrupting synchronous academic minutes.

For those of you that need speech therapy caseload management tips for the start of the year, you can head to these blog posts:


Be Successful With Organizing Your Caseload – Tips for the First Week Back (includes a free monthly IEP tracker using Google Sheets

7 Ways to Get Organized SLP

Using Google Forms for Speech Referrals

Middle School Resources for Distance Learning

Techy Videos on my YouTube Channel

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