I am going to share about an affordable therapy material that will get your kids OUT of the therapy room enjoying some sunshine! Using chalk in speech therapy is a great way to address a lot of goals, requires no prep and is fun!

using chalk in speech therapy is fun, low prep and you can target lots of goals!

As a kid, I loved spending hours outside on my driveway using chalk to draw, play games and practice writing messages.  Chalk is such an affordable therapy material that incorporates so many learning styles and goals!  Crayola sells a giant box of chalk (which you can get on amazon, affiliate link provided), which will last you for a LONG time.

My SLP girl Katie Lambert M.S.-CCC came up with this great therapy idea of adapting the game of hopscotch to work on describing with Expanding Expression Tool (EET).  As the kids hop through, they have to describe an item by different attributes.

Working on reading and/or listening comprehension?  Take it outside and write the answer choices on the ground in chalk!  That’s what Katie did with one of her students.

Next up is a chalk version of one of my favorite games, BOGGLE!  Work on phonological awareness, building word family words or use as an incentive game after practice a speech and/or language target.  Work in teams to help kids with social skill impairments practice flexibility, turn taking and working as a team.

Next up, is my hopping categories activity.  Either use a die or just call out random numbers.  The student hops on the different letters and stops when he/she has reached the number you called out.  You call out a specific category such as “food”.  The student then has to think of a word in the “food” category that starts with the letter he/she is standing on.

You could also make this a hopping articulation game as well!  How do you use chalk in therapy?  It’s always nice to have an excuse to get out of the small, tiny place we call a speech room and enjoy the sunshine.