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I am all about using themes in my speech therapy room. Winter is the best season for building your therapy library! If you love TPT and winter speech therapy activities, then you will love this post. I organized winter speech therapy activities by category area with the links, so you can quickly find online resources for your speech therapy lessons!

winter speech therapy activities that are all categorized by area for easy therapy planning.

Winter Speech Therapy Activities for easy lesson planning

You all loved my list of TPT resources for fall, so I had to hook you all up for winter.  It really helps me when I see lots of resources in one spot, categorized by the area.  That way I can see what I need for my caseload.  I asked all my blogger friends to give me links to their winter themed products, so here they are!  Happy lesson planning to you all!!

Winter Speech Therapy Activities- Open Ended Games

Open Ended Winter Games Grades 1st-5th

Hot Cocoa Speech Therapy Open Ended Game FREEBIE

Build A Snowman Open Ended Games
Winter Wonderland Open Ended Game Boards and Activities for Speech and Language
Open Ended Game Snowball Fight
Build a Snowman: An Open Ended Game for any skill
Speech Therapy Winter Open Ended Reinforcement and Game Boards
Snow Day Penguins Reinforcement Game FREEBIE
Skiing Through Speech FREEBIE
Penguin Dash Game FREEBIE

Winter Game Boards FREEBIE
Winter Sports Dot Pages FREEBIE

Knock Em’ Down Penguins FREEBIE
Don’t melt the snowman game FREEBIE (winter version of hangman)

Hot chocolate and Marshmallows Speech Freebie
Penguins at Play- An Open Ended Game FREEBIE

Winter QR Code: Open Ended Game

Winter Speech Therapy Activities For Articulation

Bundle Speech Club Winter L,R,S,Z,SH,Th
Mini Speech Club Winter for Pre-readers
Penguin Phonology Grades Prek-2nd
What Does the Fox Say Holiday Articulation Game for SH, CH, DJ

Do Not Break the Ice Blocks Articulation
Arctic Articulation Adventures for Speech Thearpy r,s,l

Build A Snowman Articulation Game s,z,l,r,s-blends & l-blends
Snow Day Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy RTI
What Does the Fox Say Holiday Articulation Pack
Santa’s Elve’s Articulation R & S

r-blends for Penguin Friends FREEBIE
Winter Articulation TH FREEBIE
Winter Articulation r,s,l
Speech Therapy: Tricky Penguins Memory Game Grades 2nd-5th
Falling Flakes Apraxia Snowflakes
Multisyllabic Reindeer
Winter Roll Say Color Articulation Fun

Holly Jolly Articulation TH, SH, CH Edition

Christmas BINGO Artic & fluency combo Grades Prek-8th

Polar Bear Plunge for Articulation R, S, Z, L, TH, SH, J, K, G Grades 1st-6th

Speech Therapy: Wonderful Winter Verbal Apraxia Unit VC, CV, and CVCV words
Speechy Therapy Winter Themed Postvocalic R Articulation Packet OR, ER, EAR, AR

Color by Speech Word for L-blends FREEBIE

Snowy Speech: Winter Themed Articulation Activities & worksheets

Hot Chocolate Phonology

winter speech therapy activities all organized by target area for easy planning!

Winter Speech Therapy Activities For Language

Penguin Preschool Language Grades Prek-2nd

Build A Snowman Language Game Grades K-3rd

Bundle Snow Much Fun with Language Grades Prek-5th

Winter Matching Game Grades Prek-3rd

Language Sequencing Train- Winter Themed Grades 1st-4th
Winter Stamp a Story FREEBIE
Winter Wh-Questions Grades K-5th
Main Idea Cookies Grades 5th-9th
Following Complex Directions Winter Themed FREEBIE Grades 2nd-10th
Wh-Questions Winter Clothing Color Match Game Grades Prek-1st
Holly Jolly Story Telling Pack Grades K-8th
Wintertime Wellness: Language Building Problem Solving & Reading Comprehension Grades 5th-12th
Holiday Sequencing Organization Tasks for Good Executive Functioning Grades 5th-12th
Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts (Winter Edition) Grades K-8th
Check it Twice: A Speech & Language Game Grades K-5th
Where is the Gift Prepositions Grades Prek-2nd
Winter Listening Fun Grades Prek-6th

Winter Language Activity Packet Common Core Aligned Grades 1st-3rd
Winter Receptive Language Speech Therapy Pack Grades K-7th
Winter Expressive Language Speech & Language Pack Grades 1st-7th
Winter Sports Language Style Grades K-6th

Winter Olympics Simon Says- Following Directions
DIY Snow dough for pretend play and language development Grades prek-1st
Ugly Christmas Sweater Categories FREEBIE Grades K-5th
Winter Print and Go FREEBIE Grades 4th-5th Language arts passage
Winter Inferencing FREEBIE Grades 1st-3rd
Winter Reading Skills & Comprehension Activities FREEBIE Grades 1st-2nd

Winter Season Grammar & Vocabulary Pack Grades Prek-2nd
Winter Word Associations Grades K-5
Winter Land: English/Language Arts Grades K-5
Multiple Meaning Snowflakes Grades 1st-4th

FREEBIE Pre-Kindergarten Winter Concepts Grades Prek-1st
Winter Non-fiction Leveled Reading Passages and Questions Grades 4th-12th
Very Opinionated Penguins: A Fact and Opinion Activity FREEBIE Grades 1st-6th

Christmas Categories FREEBIE

No Print Snowman Language: Receptive & Expressive Grades 1-4th

Merry Multiple Meaning Words FREEBIE Grades 2nd-5th

Let’s Build A Snowman Story and Conversation Starters Grades K-3rd FREEBIE

Christmas Spatial Concepts: An Interactive Activity FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd

Winter Write and Say the Room Grades K-5th

Winter Speech Vocabulary Games: Christmas, Winter & Valentine’s Grades Prek-4th

Where is Rudolph? Christmas Story, Prepositions, Categories, Concepts & Verbs Grades Prek-1st

Winter Speech Therapy Activities For Grammar

Gingerbread Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy Grades K-5th

Winter Grammar Worksheets Parts of Speech Grades 1st-5thWhere is Rudolph? Christmas Story, Verbs, Prepositions, Categories & Concepts Grades Prek-1st
Penguin Prepositions Pronouns Grades Prek-2nd
Deck the Halls with Lots of Grammar Pack Grades K-4th

Christmas Themed Understanding Negation for Speech Therapy FREEBIE
Christmas Verbs and Completing the Sentence FREEBIE
Snowball Verb Tense Sort Grades K-5th
Winter Themed Pronouns Targeting: Her, Hers, Him His, They, Them, Their, Theirs Grades K-4th

Speech Therapy Pronouns Verbs and Prepositions for Winter Grades Prek-1st

Winter Speech Therapy Activities For Social Skills

Ho Ho Ho Social Pragmatics Pack Grades 2nd-8th

Winter Wonderland Social Pragmatics Pack Grades 2nd-8th
Roll A Topic Winter Theme FREEBIE
Guess the Gift Inferencing Speech Therapy Activity with QR codes Grades K-5th
Complex Emotion Crackers Grades 5th-12th
Polar Bear Problem Solving Grades K-4th
Winter Figurative Language Grades 3-8

Winter Figurative Language Cards Game Grades 4th-9th

Winter Speech Therapy Activities- Behavior Management

Chill Out Anger Management Visuals FREEBIE

Winter Speech Therapy Activities-Book Companion Packs

Bear Stays Up For Christmas Speech and Language Activities Grades Prek-3rd
Snowmen Language Activities for Speech Therapy Grades 1st-6th
Three Snow Bears Jan Brett Speech & Language Packet Grades 1st-5th

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow Book Companion Grades Prek-2nd

Where is Home Little Pip A Book Companion Grades Prek-3rd
The Mitten Speech & Language Activities Grades 1st-5th
The Poloar Express Speech and Language Book Companion Grades prek-3rd
The Mitten Book Companion for Preschool Speech and Language Pack Grades Prek-1st

The Mitten: Speech & Language Extension Activities Grades Prek-1st

Mooseltoe: A Book Companion for Language Grades Prek-2nd

What do snowmen do at night? Snowmen at Night Mini Book Companion FREEBIE Grades PreK-3rd

Snowmen All Year Book Companion Grades Prek-5th

Snowmen at Night: Speech Therapy Book Companion Grades Prek-3rd

BUNDLED Speech & Language Products for many target areas

Bundled Holiday Products Grades Prek-6th
Winter Worksheets HW Packet for Speech Therapy

Winter Themed Speech and Language Packet Grades Prek-5th
Winter Themed Print N’ Go Speech and Language Activities Grades Prek-4th<

Deck the Halls with Lots of Speech & Language Mega Bundle
Christmas Language Activity Bundle

Having A Ball-Holiday Themed Vocabulary, Language & Articulation Game Grades Prek-4th

Christmas Bundle: Expressive, Receptive, Language, Grammar & Articulation Grades Prek-12th

Winter Speech Therapy Activities-Craftivities

Snowman Craftivity For Your Whole Caseload

Gingerbread Craftivity Grades Prek-3rd

Christmas Santa Advent Calendar and Craftivity FREEBIE
Here Comes Santa Claus Craftivity FREEBIE
Jesus Nativity Sticky Puppets FREEBIE

Shades of Meaning Holiday Light craftivity FREEBIE

Snow Globe Language & CRAFTIVITY Grades K-4th
FREEBIE Pile on the winter fun snowman craft with writing activities Grades 1st-3rd

Winter Craftivity Worksheets especially for SLP’s,

Reindeer Craftivity FREEBIEPlayful Penguins Language Processing Packet Grades Prek-6th

I hope this helped you plan for the winter months. What themes are you doing for winter? Need a specific winter speech therapy activity? Email me at with your area of need and I will find and/or make something!

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