I am all about using themes in my speech therapy room. Winter is the best season for building your therapy material stash! One reason winter is a great theme is that you can use it across various grades and ages. In this blog post, I will share a TON of winter speech therapy activities for easy planning. You won’t have to scroll on Pinterest hours looking for winter-themed speech and language activities because all the ideas you need are in this blog post!

This blog post has been completely updated with winter-themed books, toy recommendations, and materials, as it was first published in 2015 and just got an upgrade in December 2022. When you click any of the Amazon affiliate links, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

Winter-Themed Books for Your Elementary Speech Therapy Caseload


Pick books for your caseload by age or by treatment area. Here are some winter books you can use by age:


The Snowy Day Ezra Jack Keats

Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirely Neitzel



Immi’s Gift by Karin Littlewood

Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins

Snow by Uri Shulvitz



The Mitten by Jan Brett

Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

Snow Day by Lester L. Laminack 

Using snowman books during the winter months can be a nice sub-theme. When working with your moderate-severe classrooms, finding themed books at the student’s attention span ability and language level can be tricky. You can listen to my Real Talk SLP podcast episode for some recommendations. 


Winter Picture Scenes for Syntax and Vocabulary

If you need winter picture scenes for your speech therapy sessions, download this free printable! It also comes with winter scenes Boom Cards for a digital option. You can use these printables as a reinforcer, for syntax goals, describing winter activities and clothing or creating short stories.

Winter Sensory Bins for Speech Therapy

Winter sensory bins can be great to pair with a winter-themed book as an extension activity. You can make a bin that is like a story retell bin such as with the book, “The Mitten.”

The main things you need for a great winter sensory bin is a snow filler such as fake snow, white Pom Pom balls, cotton balls, salt, sugar, or shredded white paper.

Add vocabulary printables to play “Can you find it?” to work on inferencing and receptive categories. Fill your bins with winter figurines such as penguins or woodland animals preparing for winter. 


Having open-ended games for winter help, you plan for your mixed groups. Here are some of my favorite winter reinforcers:

If you have students that enjoy movement breaks check out this snowflake hop gross motor activity from Pink Oatmeal.

Join the Themed Therapy SLP Membership

Join the Themed Therapy SLP membership if you need winter-themed speech and language materials for your Prek-5th grade caseload. Instead of hunting around the internet for hours planning your themed units, you can let the membership do the work for you! When you join, you get various printable materials, book cheat sheets, Google Slides, toy cheat sheets, lesson plan cheat sheets, speech sound word lists, and crafts! 

Get winter speech therapy ideas for your preschool and elementary caseload
Use winter-themed digital activities and videos with these organized grade-level Google Slides in the Themed Therapy SLP membership.

Winter Toys for Speech Therapy


When planning a themed unit, having toys, games, or themed props can bring to life some of the concepts you are teaching!

Use winter or snowman toys and props instead of worksheets to increase engagement. 

For your students that love Frozen, you can use these snowflake wands to freeze their speech words, or add them to pretend play activities.

Have a snowball fight or set up bowling pins with winter vocabulary pictures taped to the pins, and students can try to knock them down.

Winter is the perfect time to pull out a hot cocoa play set, or you can DIY it with some mugs and spoons from home!

Adding some games to your winter-themed therapy stash can be great for mixed groups, and you may be able to use the game pieces in therapy! This Disney Frozen Frantic Forest looks fabulous as a mixed-group game. Don’t Break the Ice and Thin Ice are good winter games. If you need a game companion cheat sheet for Don’t break the ice, there is one in the toy companions

Winter Activities for Younger Students

There are a lot of great winter activities you can plan with your early elementary caseload. Make sure to download the free winter YouTube videos to use the songs, books, and videos in your therapy sessions. 

Here are some other winter-themed speech therapy activities you can use with your caseload:


Get high trials for articulation and phonology with winter props and activities. You can use winter picture scenes to cover speech and language goals. 

Winter Activities for Older Students


I am a BIG fan of using America’s Funniest Home Videos in speech with older students. You can use the winter versions to cover a lot of goals!

For speech and language resources to use with older speech students, check these out:

Middle School Winter Print N’ Go

Winter Themed Build a Sentence Grammar Worksheets

Winter Inference Picture Task Cards

Winter-Themed Simon’s Cat YouTube Video cheat sheets

Bilinguistics has a great blog post with some winter themed poems and ideas for how to use in sessions.

Save time planning for your older speech therapy students using this list of  YouTube videos.

Wonderopolis.org has a lot of winter non-fiction passages that are great for this age.

What Types of Winter Activities Do You Love to Plan for Therapy?

What types of winter activities do you love to plan for your students? It’s always great to hear what other SLPs are doing to help support students’ language, especially when implementing a themed-based approach. Do you have a certain winter book you love to use? A favorite website that has winter vocabulary? Let me know in the comments if you find any cool winter materials or easy winter therapy ideas that you used year after year in the comments. 

Get ideas for winter speech and language goals to use with your preschool and elementary caseloads.