interactive flipbooks long pinI am super excited about my newest series of Interactive Articulation Flipbooks!  At my elementary charter site, I have a lot of articulation goals, so these are going to help my kiddos stay engaged and work on their goals!  My students LOVE using dry erase markers, especially my middle school students.  It got me thinking about how to incorporate dry erase markers more in my lessons and that’s how my Interactive Flip Books were created! Print the pages on card stock and laminate for durability.  Use a dry erase marker to let kids write on the pages in the flipbook and the erase to use again and again. 

I plan on making articulation flipbooks for all the sounds, but started with the ones I needed the most for my caseload! Psst…f,v,sh,ch are coming up next!  When I arrived at my elementary charter site this year, there were NO materials.  That’s right, NOT-TA! So, I want to make a comprehensive set in the event that I will need more sounds in the future.  Ideas for Language Flipbooks have been swirling around in my head and I will one day get to actually creating them.  Until then, I want to share the latest round of books with you!

s-blend flipbook pic

My /S,L,R/ BLENDS interactive articulation flipbooks include word lists, word lists with pictures, fill in the blank words, fill in the blank phrases and picture scenes to target those sounds at the multiple sentence level.

r flipbook pic

I have 2nd-4th grade that are working on /r/ and are able to read, so I made a set that is for your reader group.  Hoping to add the vocalic /r/’s soon!  There are word lists, fill in phrases, sentences and stories.  This is great for those that do “quick artic”.  Snag that set HERE!

k, g flipbook pic

My /K,G/ interactive books are filled with word lists, word lists with pictures, fill in the blank words, phrases and picture scenes.  I have 3 little ones on my caseload that are going to love using these and will get in lots of repetitions in the process.

blend flipbook 2 picI have been hanging some of my frequently used books on my whiteboard with these cool metal hooks from amazon. Best product ever!!  I put them on my file cabinet too, so I can hang task cards and my flipbooks!

Check out my youtube video to see it in action!

Since creating this post, I have added more Interactive Flipbooks because my students are loving them.

11204935_677627939027057_7300894024080275766_nI am hoping to finish up all the sounds and then I am moving on to some fun language flipbooks!!  What do you think?

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