Speech pathologists are the kings and queens of adapting materials to meet the communication needs of their students. The BEST way to address multiple goals is to brainstorm as many ways as you can for that one therapy item. Today I am going to be showing you how to use the popular game Apples To Apples in your speech therapy sessions.
Need more ways to use the apples to apples game in speech therapy? You can use apples to apples to target articulation, language and social skills!

Where can you find Apples To Apples?

I am an amazon girl (hence, the amazon affiliate links lol). That’s usually where I look for games. If you are all about amazon prime, you can get Apples To Apples Junior Edition or Big Picture Apples To Apples (this is on my wishlist). My second place to look is Target. When I am on a bargain hunt I will go shopping at Goodwill.

How to play Apples To Apples?

This game is pretty easy to play. Players take turns being the judge. The judge begins each round by playing a Green Apple card that features a one-word characteristic, such as Crunchy, Smelly, or Excellent. The other players must then look at the Red Apple cards in their hands and select a red card that they think best describes the judge’s green card. The judge gets to pick the red card that they think is the best representation of the describing word. The person picked gets to keep the green card. Whoever gets the most green cards wins!

How to adapt Apples To Apples in Speech Therapy?

Gina Moriarty, MS CCC-SLP shared an idea in a group I run with Hallie Sherman from Speech Time Fun on facebook. It is called Dabbling With Speech Fun. It is open to all SLP’s. We host giveaways, share therapy ideas, and keep things FUN for the busy SLP.

Anyways, Gina has a fabulous way she uses Apples to Apples in speech therapy. Here are her ideas:

  • Practice identifying/naming parts of speech practice: nouns, adjectives, synonyms.
  • Reverse the directions! Instead, the judge puts a red noun card down and everyone gets 5 green cards. The students have to use the best adjective to describe the noun. (LOVE IT)!

Use apples to apples in speech therapy to target vocabulary, grammar, articulation and social skills!

I love calling everything a “challenge”. Sounds way more FUN than telling the students we are doing an activity. The students have to come up with a word opposite for the apples to apples game cards.

apples to apples is a fun game that can be adapted in speech therapy for articulation, language, grammar and social skills.

Play Minute To Win It Challenges with the students in your speech therapy group. Have them come up with as many words for the describing word in a minute. The person with the most words wins! You can always facilitate this as a whole group if the kids have spelling needs and see if they can beat their score.

apples to apples is a fun game that can be adapted in speech therapy for articulation, language, grammar and social skills.

Have students sort the red cards into the different “describing” word piles. This helps work on a critical attribute feature and antonyms.

apples to apples is a fun game that can be adapted in speech therapy for articulation, language, grammar and social skills.

Your articulation students can brainstorm things that are messy, interesting, famous and speedy either by placing the red cards in piles or just simply writing a list! I had my /s/ friends make sentences after they brainstormed. For example, “A room is messy. Flies are messy. A scientist is messy.”

This can be adapted for mixed language groups working on describing, grammatical structures and expanding utterances with prepositional phrases and adjectives.

How to use Apples To Apples to target Social Skills

Use any of the ideas mentioned above, but split the students into groups. During the activity the students have to talk with their partner and/or group. Skills that you can teach during any lesson:

  • turn taking
  • interrupting
  • voice volume for the social situation
  • sharing opinion, asking clarification questions, and accepting/rejecting a person’s idea
  • flexibility
  • accepting rejection from a judge in the game

I also love this idea for assigning “jobs” to the game. You can read about this idea at Lunch Buddies Plus.

How do you adapt Apples To Apples in your speech room? Email me a fe*********@th*****************.com if you have an idea! I would love to add it to this post.