I know many SLP’s don’t get a large budget with their employers. Most SLP’s rely on their on pocket books to access new materials. When I first started out in the schools as a newbie SLP there were minimal therapy resources available to me. I wish I had Pinterest, SLP blogs and TPT at my side during that rough first go of things.

best deals on lamination supplies for the frugal SLP. Check out all the latest deals for getting lamination supplies for prepping speech therapy materials.

There were days that I felt like I was on a stranded island trying to figure out how to make whatever debris floated on shore into a therapy material! Today, I am going to share tips and deals for utilizing your lamination supply well (Amazon affiliate links are included for your convenience).

A Quick Tip For How To Spend Your School Supply Money

A tip from an SLP friend shared that if you get a personal school budget (I get about $200) to spend that money on consumables such as: card stock paper, laminator pouches, pens, etc. With your personal budget, you can acquire cool therapy resources that you can take with you if your assignment changes or you move job settings.  I love this idea!  Also, whenever possible, I try to utilize my school laminator for therapy materials.

best deals on lamination supplies for the frugal SLP.

Tips For Choosing What To Laminate

This past year, I stopped laminating everything. In a perfect world, all of my visuals and resources would be laminated, but I don’t always have time. When you purchase a resource that may need lamination, you can ask yourself these questions:

  1. “Can I use it on my ipad and not print at all?”- maybe you just need the visuals and don’t need to print the resource out to laminate. Time saved.
  2. “Is it something I am going to use a lot and need it laminated for durability?”- My Visual Sentence Frames I chose to laminate because I use them almost every session and I plan on using them for years to come.
  3. “Can I print the resource and protect it with a plastic sleeve or just accept if they don’t stay perfect?”- Some resources may only be for a short theme or season. I found that some resources I bought really don’t need to be laminated and still stay in good condition. Also, I may not use the resource again next year, so I don’t want to spend extra time prepping something that I may not use again that was for a specific student.

Best Deals For Card Stock

I buy all of my card stock on Amazon Prime. It is the best deal and I don’t have to leave the house. I buy Neenah Astrobrights white cardstock in a three pack at the beginning of the year because when you buy it in bulk, it comes out under $6 a ream. They also have them in single reams for 250 sheets. I tend to print resources on card stock to help it with durability. If I am creating a file folder activity, or putting visuals on the wall, then I just print on regular paper.

Best Deals For Laminator Pouches

Sam’s Club has an awesome deal for 200 3mil pouches for $20.68.

Scotch Thermal Pouches 8.9 x 11.4 Inches, 100-Pack (TP3854-100) for $11.27 or  $22.87 for a 200 pouch pack.

Super Deal through Amazon has 3 Mil Clear Letter Size Thermal Laminating Pouches 9 X 11.5 Qty 100 Hot Glossy Thermal Lamination Sheet Laminator Pockets 9×11.5 for $9.99 or 5mil for a 100 pouches is $15.99 (both are Prime shipping too!)

Best Deals On Laminators

I bought a scotch thermal laminator a few years ago because it was under $20 at the time. Now, it isn’t the best deal, LOL.

Amazon Basics has a thermal laminator that is under $20 and is a best seller.

Swingline has a laminator on Amazon for just over $20.

Apache has a laminator for a little over $20 and it comes with 20 laminating pouches!

Best Deals On Paper Cutters

When I was prepping my interactive articulation flipbooks over the summer, I enlisted my husband to help me with prepping them. He totally jumped in and starting cutting out flipbook pages. A few minutes in, he got up and said “I don’t know how you have been prepping materials with just scissors. I am buying you a paper cutter!” And that is how I got my husband to buy me a Swingline paper cutter, LOL. It is under $30 and I love having mine at home or in my speech room. My room is waaaayyy out yonder and to get to the supply room is a nice walk. I also found this Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer for $15 on amazon that looks like a good deal.

Best Velcro Dots

Last year, I didn’t read the fine print and bought Velcro dots from some place in China. It was a steal of a deal, but all the dots came individually wrapped, so I had to unwrap each one. I was ticked! Since then, I found Velcro dots that I like to use when I need to make a resource interactive. Vkey sells 250 and 500 velcro pairs of dots that make it much easier to make communication and interactive books.

Can you tell I love Amazon Prime!? It has been a very convenient and cost effective way to snag lamination supplies. Where do you purchase lamination supplies? Have you found any deals? I would love to know about them!!

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