SLPs working with preschool through 2nd grade can use sensory bins with their students. I have noticed that even some older students love using sensory bins. Some students on my caseload struggle with sustaining attention during therapy. Some have sensory needs, and by using sensory bins with them, I have increased engagement with the speech or language activity. For some of my groups, I use sensory bins in a very structured way; with other groups, I try to use them with play-based speech therapy.

Today, I wanted to share fall sensory bin ideas to help you plan lessons for your preschool and kindergarten-aged students. There are amazon affiliate links included in this post for your convenience.

Filler Materials For Fall Sensory Bins


Fall sensory bin ideas for speech therapy. Easy sensory bin ideas to work on Fall vocabulary with students. #dabblingslp #slpsensorybin #sensorybin #speechtherapy

You can use anything for your sensory bin filler. Some fun festive fillers are fake leaves (I got mine from the Dollar Store), brown beans for dirt, or popcorn kernels (I got some at Trader Joe’s). On Pinterest, I have seen pumpkin-scented moon sand as a filler too. I have also found fake hay from the dollar store. What Fall/Autumn sensory bin fillers have you used? Share in the comments because I would love to add those to my list of resources.

Here is a blog post with more ideas to add to your bins.

Using Fall-Themed Vocabulary With Your Sensory Bins

One way to work on building vocabulary is working on understanding and express the noun’s attribute features. You can play a Can You Find It? Fall sensory bin activity.

You hide Fall/Autumn vocabulary cards in the sensory bin. Then, using a mini rake, students have to find an item. They can work on making the more complex mean length of utterances or describe the noun they found by attributes. You can make it a receptive category task by saying, “Find something that you wear.” After they find the “scarf”, you can have them name other clothes you can wear. If you want to make this sensory bin for your therapy, you can access it in my Fall/Autumn Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guides.

Fall sensory bins for kids to use in speech therapy. #slpeeps #slpsensorybin #sensorybins #fallspeechtherapy #dabblingslp

Fall Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guides

If you need support with push-in services, check out the language lesson plan guides for fall! It comes with a sensory bin to work on fall vocabulary.

Fall Sensory Bin Ideas In Action

For this Fall sensory bin, you can use beans or popcorn kernels as the base filler. Then, you can find some fake Fall leaves (I got mine at the Dollar Tree) and a mini rake. I found a mini fairy rake on amazon that worked perfectly. Place articulation, vocabulary, action cards, emotion cards, etc., in the leaves. You can hide them in the leaf pile. Then, students must rake up their sounds or the cards inside the bin. As they find a card, they must say their sound 10 times, create a grammatically correct sentence, or answer a wh-question about the card. I used articulation cards from my Fall sensory bin companion in this Fall sensory bin.

Use a CORE board and have students request “more”, “I want rake”, “hide”, “I found it”, “look”, “all done”, “my turn”, and “This is fun!”

Teach basic concepts “under” by allowing the students to hide cards, mini erasers, or trinkets in the leaves. Your main verb targets for the session can be “hide” and “find”. How would you use this Fall sensory bin? Share your Fall sensory bin ideas in the comments!

5 Little Pumpkins Sensory Bin Idea

I don’t think Fall can go without talking about pumpkins. I saw this cute 5 Little Pumpkins Sensory Bin idea on parenting chaos’ blog and had to make one. When I was at the Dollar Tree, I saw some orange mini cup lights. You can also get orange mini cups on amazon (affiliate link) if you don’t have a Dollar Tree. Instead of using them as lights, I used them for my pumpkins.

You just need seven thick popsicle sticks, green or brown pipe cleaners, permanent markers and small orange cups. The cup lights already had little holes in them, so I pulled out the lights and replaced them with twisty pipe cleaners for the stem. My daughter drew pumpkin faces, and I stuck it all in my kinetic sandbox (amazon affiliate). I got the purple box from Lakeshore.

We will work on the concepts on/off, the verb “sit” and “fall”, and the vocabulary of pumpkins and fence. We might even make up a story about what the pumpkins are doing. How would you use this sensory bin?

Share Your Sensory Bin Idea

If you have made a sensory bin for your therapy room, I want to see it! I stay inspired when I see ideas from other SLPs and teachers. Feel free to tag me on Instagram @thedabblingspeechie and use #slpsensorybin in your post. You can always email me pics at fe*********@th*****************.com

If you follow that hashtag on Instagram, you can see ideas from other SLPs. Therapy always seems less overwhelming when I have access to more ideas for how I can plan and implement therapy. Let’s share and help each other be the rock star SLPs we strive to be!