In this episode of the Real Talk SLP, Felice interviews Hallie Sherman from Speech Time Fun. Hallie is a school based Speech Pathologist that primarily works with 5th and 6th grade students.

Because of her large caseload and not always having flexible time slots for seeing her students, Hallie has a lot of mixed groups.

Today, Felice and Hallie talk about why mixed groups can be tough and easy solutions to make lesson planning easier.

It is refreshing to know that school-based SLPs all struggle with managing mixed groups. Coming up with mixed group therapy ideas feels less overwhelming when you can brainstorm together!

Hallie shares about different resources she loves to use in therapy. At the end of the session, Felice and Hallie swap winter themed ideas for how to tackle mixed groups during the month of December.


Blog posts mentioned in this podcast episode:

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Race to 100 game to use with Mixed Groups

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Video clips from the Elf movie is a great activity for social skills, language and more!

Using commercials in speech therapy to work on inferencing


Need more mixed group therapy resources? Hallie has a whole section of materials designed for mixed groups that you can access HERE.