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Do you have students on your caseload that have a sensory processing disorder? Are you struggling with how to work with these students, so your sessions are productive?

Many SLPs serve students in the clinic and school settings that have sensory integration needs. It can be challenging to know how to intervene when a child isn’t paying attention, having constant movement, putting things in their mouths and struggling to get settled to attend to the therapy materials.

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Today, I had on Allison Fors, a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant who specializes in how to support students with sensory processing needs.

She shares the different types of sensory processing needs and some solutions for how to improve your sessions. You will love her practical ideas in this episode. 

We talk about what could be some signs that your student is exhibiting sensory processing needs, and what to do if you have concerns.

The best part about this interview is when we discuss all the ways you can help your students, so your therapy sessions are more productive!

For SLPs wanting easy to implement ideas for early intervention, Allison is your girl. Follow her at @speech.allisonfors


Allison is a speech and language, curriculum creator and has a whole FREE resource library for SLPs and SLPAs. Sign-up here: https://allisonfors.com/newsletter/

Her blog has super helpful posts on this topic. Check them out here: