If you have ever hummed Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” after you got some constructive criticism, then you are going to love this Real Talk SLP podcast episode.

Today’s guests are Sarah and Lisa, also known as “The Toolkit Girls.” They are the co-founders of the web-based app, “SLPToolkit” which is an amazing tool to help you streamline your progress monitoring, present level assessments, and daily data.

You can check it out here: www.slptoolkit.com

All of us jumped into doing speech therapy presentations and get real about what it is like behind the scenes of preparing for public speaking.

Let’s just say, I probably wasn’t going to win the award for “Most Likely to Be a Presenter at ASHA.” But, it’s amazing where things can lead to a field you are passionate about.

And, Sarah and Lisa are so passionate about helping SLPs, specifically, school-based SLPs have the tools and information they need to serve their students well. It’s always a fun conversation with these ladies.

If you didn’t know, Lisa and Sarah’s help run the www.slpsummit.com and the annual summer webinar conference is right around the corner. You can signup and get 8 hours of practical PD while sitting poolside or in your PJs.

For just $24.99, you can get those 8 hours reported to your CEU registry. It’s quite the steal. Amazing PD that you can use Monday morning + free training? I call that an energizing experience you can’t pass up!

If you need some professional development in the area of push-in services, I have a CEU course with ABASpeech.

For those of you curious about my SLPSummit training on sensory bins, it is available on my YouTube channel.


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