Let’s be real. We all wished we were a little more organized, but there are just seasons in the SLP life when you have 100 million tabs open on your computer, you have piles of materials next to your desk, and IEPs written an hour before the meeting. You will feel a little less frazzled planning your speech therapy sessions using these spring YouTube videos. 


Struggling to Find Time to Plan Speech Therapy Lessons?

Has this situation ever happened to you? It’s five minutes before your next group and you are racking your brain for the name of that ONE video you used last spring in therapy. Because your SLP world was crazy busy last spring, you didn’t save that video on a playlist and now you are paying for it lol.

Does this sound familiar at all? It rings true for me and that’s why I started spending a little extra time organizing videos that engaged my students, so that next year, therapy planning would be easy breezy!

We all have our best-laid plans, but between the paperwork, meetings, high caseloads, etc. we just don’t have the time to be organizing all the things. That’s why I am back with another organized Google Slide filled with all the BEST spring YouTube videos that you can use in your sessions.

Spring YouTube Videos to Work on Language

Simon’s cat videos are the best to work on grammar, narratives, perspective taking and answering wh-questions! There are several spring-themed Simons’ Cat videos on their channel!

Scishow kids has TONS of spring science videos that you can use to work on main idea, comprehension, tier II vocabulary and summarizing. 

The BEST spring YouTube videos organized for you!

Use Kami Chrome Extension to Write on Worksheets While Using Videos

You can use the Simon’s Cat spring YouTube videos for teletherapy, and the FREE sentence frame graphic organizer with the Kami Chrome Extension. Here is a YouTube video tutorial on how to add text boxes in Kami. You can put the graphic organizer on one side of the screen and the YouTube browser on the other side. Then, just screen share your entire screen. If you need spring speech therapy cheat sheets for the Simon’s Cat videos, check out this resource for easy planning!

Using the best spring YouTube videos with the Kami chrome extension in speech therapy or teletherapy

Spring YouTube Book Read Aloud Videos

I usually prefer to read the actual book out loud to my students over a YouTube book read aloud, when doing teletherapy sessions, it can sometimes be hard for all the students to see my book over the screen. So, I will use YouTube read aloud in my sessions, so the kids can see the pages while I read the story.

All you need to do is have the YouTube video on mute so that you can read the pages. I try to find a book read aloud that shows the pages clearly so that I can read the lines from the story. These book read alouds allow we to see all the words on the page.

Other ways to use books are by screen sharing while projecting a book from Kindle Unlimited, Vooks, or using Epic.

Spring YouTube Videos for Movement Breaks

Spring YouTube Videos that can be incorporated into your speech therapy sessions.

If you work with younger students that need movement breaks in a session, you can use these fun spring-themed songs. When I do whole class lessons on the SMARTboard, I would often pull up one of these videos when kids were struggling to pay attention.

You can also work on verb actions, initiating requesting for the song, and discussing if they liked the song.

Some songs you can even work on left or right and other basic concepts.

What movement breaks do you like using? Share in the comments!


Use Google Slides to Organize Your Spring YouTube Videos

One way you can keep all your favorite videos organized is by adding them to a Google Slide or PowerPoint. I find that adding them to Google Slides are easier for sharing with educators or families. Once you add in all the video links, you can easily navigate to the ones you need for the lesson.

Once you have it organized, you can use it year after year with your groups. That’s why I organized all the spring videos for YOU!

Just hit the pink button below to grab your free copy. If you are loving all of the videos organized, all of my push-in lesson plans come with a Google Slide that has everything organized so you can stress less about therapy planning. 

Need More Spring Speech Therapy Activities?

What spring videos have you found to be helpful for your caseload? I would love to add them to my stash of materials! Share in the comments. If you need more spring-themed speech therapy ideas for your Prek-5th grade caseload, check out this blog post