When it comes to digital speech therapy organization most SLPs struggle with how to keep track of their speech therapy materials. It’s hard to organize materials digitally if technology isn’t your strong suit too!

If you find yourself having 100 internet browser tabs open with all your activities learning how to digitally organize your materials will help curb that! 

Today, I wanted to share some tips on how you can streamline your digital speech therapy organization for keeping track of your theme-based materials. For more info about organizing themed printable materials, check out this POST. I also share LOTS of ideas in this FREE Themed Therapy SLP Facebook group. Come join the group and stay inspired by implementing themed therapy.

How to Create Folders in Google Drive

When organizing your themed materials, you want to create folders for your themes. You can create folders on your computer or a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox or Google Drive. I have found that Google Drive is the easiest to use because I can access it from any computer.

My biggest tip for creating folders is putting a number before labeling the folder so that your most important folders are the first to show up in your Google Drive.

I typically make one general folder for themes and then make sub-folders for all the types of themes I have speech therapy materials for students. You can check out the YouTube video below to see how to add a folder in your Google Drive.

Digital speech therapy organization for your themed therapy materials has never been easier with this tutorial!

Use Google Slides to Link Your PDFs and Websites

Digital speech therapy organization for your themed therapy materials has never been easier with this tutorial!

With a Google Slide themed template, you can link YouTube videos, books from GetEpic or YouTube, websites you use for the theme such as ABCYA.com, as well as linking your Boom Cards and other games from the internet.

What’s even cooler is that you can link your PDFs from your Google Drive folders to your themed Google Slides lesson plan cheat sheet.

Whether you do teletherapy or like to use a mix of digital and printable activities, you will easily be able to find what you need for therapy. 

My biggest tip for organizing your themes is to do it as you are implementing the theme. All the websites and activities are fresh in your mind and you can slowly add videos and PDFs that you like to use. It may feel cumbersome to link all the things, but the following school year you will have an organized themed unit of materials to use with the majority of your caseload.

Digital speech therapy organization for themes made easy!

Need a FREE Themed Google Slide Planner?

You can watch the YouTube video above to get all the techy tips for adding PDFs, websites, and YouTube videos to the themed therapy Google Slides planner. If you want this free version, type in your email HERE or signup in the box. You will be asked to make a ‘copy’ of the Google Slide template and it will automatically be added to your Google Drive. That is your master copy. Rename it to something that is easy for you to search for in your Google Drive.

If you want more Google apps techy tips, I have a LOT of videos to help you navigate technology (you can do it!)

For more premade Google Slide speech and language templates, here are some that I use to create customized materials for my caseload.

Planning by themes has helped me cover more goals with my caseload. It can help you streamline planning and students can benefit from a themed-based approach. To learn more about themes, I have several podcast episodes and blog posts with themed ideas. Check it out HERE.

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