If your students are stuck at the word or sentence level with their articulation therapy, then you need these articulation carryover activities to help you with increasing your students self awareness. Your students will feel empowered as they start to see their progress and you will feel relief as you see them move past those word and sentence levels. Because when our students stop making the progress we want, it feels overwhelming and stressful to figure out what to do next.

articulation carryover activities for speech therapy

These articulation visuals, self reflection sheets and suggested activities will create a structure for your therapy sessions. Your students will know what to expect as you incorporate these ideas and visuals each session.

Articulation Carryover Activities & Visuals

articulation carryover visuals to help your student increase their self awareness of their productions, so they can generalize outside of the speech room.

Many of the visuals and self-reflection sheets can be paired with any activity that you plan in therapy. You can have your students set goals prior to doing the sentence, reading or conversational activity with the level of accuracy they are trying to achieve. After the activity, the SLP is able to give the student feedback about his/her performance.

If your students are able to produce their sound at the conversational level, they can judge your productions for correct or incorrect.

articulation carryover activities and visuals to help increase self awareness for your students in articulation therapy.

Students at the word or sentence level, can benefit from judging their performance with the yes/no visuals. There are check boxes for them to judge their production. Then, the SLP and student can compare what each of them thought of the articulation production.

articulation carryover activities for students working on generalizing their speech sounds.

Have your students take their own data during a structured conversational activity.

articulation carryover activities for speech therapy. Create conversatioanal scripts for places or situations that students may communicate and use their speech sounds.

There is a list of suggestions for activities that you can do with your students or your student can do at home for additional practice. Write out a conversational script for a communication event or activity that your student may need to practice their correct speech sounds. They can take the script home to practice before the event.

Need CEU Hours and Want to Learn More About Articulation Carryover

I took Pam Marshalla’s Carryover Techniques in Articulation and Phonology Course on Speech Therapy PD for CEUs and it was very helpful. It was practical and helped me to feel confident about how to provide with students in articulation therapy.