Professional Development for SLPs

Professional Development For SLPs - inspiring school based SLPs to do their jobs more effectively

Practical professional development for SLPs is an area where we can all afford to grow. Whether you work with children or adults, no matter what setting you’re based in, seeking professional development helps keep you inspired and efficient year after year. As a busy school based SLP, it’s important to me that I stay up to date on the best planning and teaching practices so that I can be as effective as possible treating ALL the disorders I encounter in the school setting.

In my opinion, the best opportunity for professional development for SLPs is to simply hear about how other SLPs are doing their jobs out in the field. In an effort to provide my perspective, I’ve created a handful of presentations on┬áprofessional development for SLPs.

My presentations combine evidence based practice, practical therapy ideas, and actionable ways for SLPs to complete our tasks more efficiently. Plus, learning new skills helps reignite that spark for SLPs who may be feeling a little burned out. SLPs have HARD jobs, but finding resources and trainings that help you teach those with communication disorders is a great way to stay focused and make the difference you want to make.

Professional Development For SLPs - inspiring school based SLPs to do their jobs more effectively

Local and National Speaking Engagements

It’s been an honor to present at both my state CSHA and national ASHA Speech and Language Association conventions. I wouldn’t have been able to pull these presentations off without some of my extremely talented SLP blogger friends. Among those friends are Rachel Nortz from Queen’s Speech, Natalie Snyders, and Hallie Sherman.┬áRachel and I shared our “Tips & Tricks For Maintaining Your PreK-5 Caseload,” while Natalie, Hallie, and I talked about practical uses for common objects to target all areas of communication.

Professional Development for SLPs - practical information to help SLPs be rock stars at their jobs

Professional Development Webinars

Have you heard of the SLP Summit? It’s an amazing online webinar event that SLPNow and SLPtoolkit organize for SLPs. They host an online professional development event during the winter and summer months. If you’re a busy SLP and don’t always have time to go to professional development training, this is a perfect fit for you! All of their webinars are online, so you can enjoy the presentations LIVE from the comfort of your own couch, sitting poolside, or waiting in the car to pick up your kids. In the event that you can’t tune in LIVE, the webinars are available to watch for replay for up to a month. It was a privilege to speak with so many SLPs during my presentations.

Social Skill Therapy Ideas For Older Students - Professional Development for SLPs

The replay video for Effective Social Skill Therapy Ideas For Older Students is not available on my youtube channel.

Sensory Bins To Engage Your Students - Professional Development for SLPS

If you’re interested in learning to incorporate sensory bins with your students, my SLP Summit Professional Development Presentation was made just for you. This presentation explains everything you need to know about creating your sensory bins and working them into your therapy. The Sensory Bin Presentation is available on YOUTUBE as well. SLPs looking for resources and information for their next Professional Learning Community or Speech Department Meeting, these SLP Summit presentations provide helpful therapy ideas you can implement tomorrow.

Professional Development Workshop by School Based SLPs
Speech Retreat - Professional Development For SLPS

If you’re a school based SLP or want practical professional development ideas on how to be effective and efficient at work, the Speech Retreat workshop is an awesome opportunity for you and an SLP bestie to pick up some new skills together. Click the photo above or the link HERE to read more about this workshop event. Then, head over to Natalie Snyder’s blog post, to read more about how we started this professional development event and how it might be just what you’ve been looking for!

We’ve already been to Anaheim, CA, Chicago, Illinois and are heading to New York City August 2nd and 3rd. Follow us on our Speech Retreat Facebook Page to get updates for future events, swag, sponsored giveaways, and tips/tricks to help you with your therapy planning. You can also check out this review by All American Speech Mom who attended our Chicago Speech Retreat.

How To Contact Me For Potential Professional Development Presentations

If you are interested in having me speak at an event or to other SLPs, please email me at th*****************@gm***.com