Social Skills

Social Skills

Having a good foundation in the understanding and use of social skills is essential for children and adults to be successful with communicating with other people. Social skills are very complex and can be very difficult to teach students with social pragmatic disorders.

Need ideas for implementing social skills? This blog has a lot of ideas and resources to teach social skills.

Teaching Expected Vs. Unexpected Behaviors In Speech Therapy

I love this article from Social Thinking explaining why to use the expected vs. unexpected vocabulary with your students. This is a helpful article to share with teachers and staff for why you want them to use this vocabulary in their classroom.

Teaching students how to self monitor their behavior using expected and unexpected

Social behavior mapping with expected and unexpected behavior

“Elf” movie clips to teach expected and unexpected behavior

My Youtube playlist for expected vs. unexpected behaviors is a great way to show students how expected vs. unexpected behavior looks like in social situations.

Use the zones of regulation to teach social skills about emotions

Resources for teaching zones of regulation

I love using the zones of regulation curriculum to teach students about how their body is feeling. When they can identify their emotions and communicate to peers and staff about their emotions, it really helps with reducing unwanted behaviors. Students also are able to share their feelings with others which is awesome!

 Videos you can use to teach social skills in speech therapy

When teaching students with social skill weaknesses, video modeling is a very effective way to show students about a skill needed. Here are a list of youtube channels that I like to go to for social skill videos:

Everyday Speech– I love this channel! The videos are very visual and use thought bubbles above the people in the videos, which helps my students understand that people are having thoughts inside their head. If you want to get a yearly subscription with Everyday Speech, you will have access to A LOT of videos with worksheets to go with the videos. You can read about my blog post reviewing their social skills videos HERE.

TDSocialSkills– This channel has some really great videos for teaching specific skills such as disagreeing and turn taking in a conversation. It really has helped me with breaking down more complex concepts.

Meredith Harrah– This channel shares a lot of video modeling for different skills such as greetings, stranger safety, using polite language and more!

Simon’s Cat– This is a youtube channel that has funny short videos all about a man, Simon and his cat. They are all non-verbal comics, so you can work on looking for non-verbal cues to make smart guesses about what the characters are thinking, what is their plan and what could they do next!

Literacy Shed – has wordless videos that can be used for literacy, writing and vocabulary in the classroom and it can also be used for teaching social inferencing, prediction and using the non-verbal clues and clues from the story’s setting, character’s actions/clothes, etc. to make these smart guesses.

Don’t want to search for videos for social skills therapy!? Just follow me on youtube and get access to all of the playlists that I have created for videos I like to use for my social skill lessons.

ideas for teaching social skills in speech therapy

Social Skills In Speech Therapy

If you are looking for specific ideas to target social skills in your speech sessions, you can click on the blog posts below:

How to put photo thought bubbles on real photos

10 Toys That Promote Functional Communication

Who’s In The Doghouse? A Functional Communication Lesson

AAC Lech Tech Communication Supports to Increase Social Communication

Social Skills Bulletin Board

A “Thinking Of You” Valentine’s Day Activity

Using Paperclips in Speech Therapy To Teach Expected vs. Unexpected Behaviors

A Thinking Flexibly Demonstration by The Speech Bubble 

Activities for “You Are A Social Detective” by Crazy Speech World

Sticky Note Speech Therapy: Social Skill by Speech Room News

Social Skills Calendar by Speechy Musings

social skill resources that can help you teach perspective taking, functional communication, hidden social rules and more!

Social Skills Resources In My TPT Store

Here are some social skills activities in my TPT store that may help you with implementing social pragmatic goals:

Help! I Need Social Skills– This resources has activities to work on perspective taking, what is missing, making impressions, thought bubbles and more!

Making Social Inferences– This flipbook helps students to make social inferences about real photos as well as look for the non-verbal clues that helped them make a smart guess!

Question & Answer Social Skill Activities– This resource is awesome for teaching students pre-job interview skills. There are visual supports to help students with learning how to ask and answer questions with peers.

Social Skill Breaks Curriculum– This curriculum is designed to use with mixed groups or to help support the classroom teacher. You can easily target skills in 5-15 minutes to help get daily practice of social skills. Skills included are perspective taking, idioms, continue the conversation, problem solving, making impressions, interpreting body language and more!

What Planet Are You On? Social Skill Activities With an Outer Space Theme– Do you have students that seem like their body and brain isn’t staying on Earth? There are social skill activities that involve body language, understanding social rules and having our bodies/brains in the group.

Social Skill Resources that are helpful

Jill Kuzma has a TON of free lessons, goals, and printables that can help you with implementing social skills therapy.

Follow my Dabbling With Social Skills or my Dabbling With Autism pinterest boards for social skill ideas!

The Autism Helper blog has a lot of great ideas and resources for serving your students with Autism.

Social Thinking is a great resource for finding resources and information about how to teach social thinking to your students. I LOVE the social behavior mapping poster, whole body listening and the Think Social book!

Need practical therapy ideas for your social skills group? The Smart Mouth SLP shares how to target social skills in a fun, meaningful way.

What social skill resources do you use all the time? Do you have any tips and tricks to share? Email me at or leave a comment. I love adding more resources to my therapy stash!