St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Play Ideas for Speech

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Play Ideas for Speech

I don’t know a student who doesn’t get excited about hiding items in things or going on hunts to discover something sneaky. You’ve come to the right blog post if you need st. patrick’s preschool play therapy ideas that incorporate sneaky leprechauns or hidden gold!

When I spotted some wooden buildings at the Target Dollar Spot, I knew I needed to hoard, I mean, stock up on these fab toys.

You can use them with a community helper and transportation theme, and you can also do some theme smashing with st. patrick’s preschool play!

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Speech Therapy Materials You Need

To have some sneaky leprechauns invade the town, you need the wooden buildings from the Target Dollar Spot. I don’t think the wooden buildings are available anymore at Target, but I found some alternatives that I will link below. For your St. Patrick’s preschool play activity, you will need the following:

Gold coins – You can find these at Dollar Tree

Mini pots – Usually, these are at the Dollar Tree during Halloween and St. Patrick’s season

Wooden buildings: Found at Target Dollar Spot, you can also find them on Mercari or try these Melissa and Doug blocks. 

Leprechaun printables – You can get them in the St. Patrick’s Day Grammar and Vocabulary set

Leprechaun and St. Patrick’s Day props – I always look in the dog toy section at TJ Maxx. Check out where you can find themed props HERE. Here is another version like the one in the pictures in the blog post. 

Binder clips to attach your leprechauns


St. Patrick’s Day Play-Based Learning Activity


Hide some leprechauns under the wooden buildings and tell your students that some sneaky leprechauns are in our town! We must find them.

Grab your favorite toy car or vehicle and look ‘under’ the buildings around the town. While you drive around, target ‘go’, ‘stop’, ‘look’, ‘where’, and ‘around.’

Have your students share three things they might see at each building. So, if you stop at the school, they can name school supplies.

Give your students inference clues about ‘where’ the leprechaun could be hiding and target ‘where’ questions during this entire activity!

How would you use this activity in your mixed groups? Share in the comments.

Gold Hunt Play-Based Speech Therapy Activity

If you have those gold coins and the mini pots, you can have students drive around the town looking for gold coins. With a permanent marker, you can write different numbers on the coins. Whatever number it says, that’s how many times your student has to practice their speech sound.

Or, you can put different amounts of coins under the buildings to work on none, more, less, and a plural noun marker. 

What’s great about this activity is you can also work on ‘where’ questions and category items that would belong at each building!

How would you adapt this activity for your students? Share in the comments.


St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Circle Time Activity


It can be tough to engage your young students during your co-teaching lessons! They want to wiggle and move, so it can be challenging to keep them excited at the carpet time activity.

But, if you make it feel like a fun game, they will stay excited during circle time. And in the process, you can target waiting, turn-taking, functional communication, and language skills.

With your gold coins, leprechaun printables, or St. Patrick’s themed props like shamrocks, or rainbows, you can tell your students that SOMEONE took the gold coins from the leprechaun’s pot.

To see these therapy ideas in action, head to my Instagram

If you need some more St. Patrick’s Day preschool activities, check out this blog post from Pocket of Preschool. 


Have all your students close their eyes while you give some students a gold coin. Tell them ahead of time that if they get a gold coin, they have to hide it with their hands. Then, everyone opens their eyes and has to ask different friends in the group if they stole a gold coin.

You target yes/no questions, ‘who’ questions, initiation of questions, waiting, and turn-taking!

If you have a leprechaun prop, you can also play “Who did the leprechaun sneaky upon?” to target the basic concept behind it.

Need More St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Ideas?

I would love it for SLPs on social media if you tagged me @thedabblingspeechie to share how you used these St. Patrick’s preschool play therapy ideas in your sessions with students.

Don’t stress about St. Patrick’s Day for your elementary caseload. There are a LOT more engaging therapy ideas on this blog post to help you with planning. 

3 Rainbow Speech Therapy Crafts for St. Patrick’s

3 Rainbow Speech Therapy Crafts for St. Patrick’s

When March hits, it reminds me of spring rainbows and pots of gold for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. If you are using weather or St. Patrick’s Day theme in March, adding in some easy to adapt St. Patrick’s Day paper crafts to your sessions will make planning therapy easier for you and kids motivated to work on goals! Today, I am going to share 3 Low Prep rainbow crafts you can use with your mixed groups. Amazon affiliate links are provided for your convenience.

Who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow on a clear sunny day after a BIG rain storm?

Amazon affiliate links are provided in this blog post. I receive a small commission for purchases made with my link at no additional cost. 


Low Prep St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft

This rainbow craft template is perfect for your speech and language goals because everyone in your mixed group can use it, but have it tailored to their own goals.

For sturdy paper, I recommend using cardstock, but regular paper works well!

Here are some craft supplies you can use with this craft:

Ripped rainbow construction paper

Rainbow dot markers

Rainbow paint (use a paint tool of clothespins and cotton balls) or Tempera paint sticks

Rainbow stamps from Melissa and Doug or rainbow ink pad using fingerprints

Colored Markers

Grab it for FREE HERE.


Speech Therapy Materials You Can Pair With The Lucky Rainbow Craft


With this rainbow speech therapy craft, there are templates to cover speech or language goals. Just grab your favorite task cards, word lists, or pictures to use alongside the craft. 

For articulation and phonology goals, I pull out my articulation flipbooks. You can try the /L/ flipbook for FREE! For my students working on carrier phrases, I use these visual sentence strips (there is a No Print version included if you want to pull it up on your iPad.)

If you have students working on vocabulary or grammar, use any picture task cards such as these Education Nouns, Verbs, and Adjective Photo Learning Cards. When using a St. Patrick’s Day theme, you can use verb action cards that are related to the holiday. The St. Patrick’s Grammar and Vocabulary set have LOTS of grammar and vocabulary-related cards and sheets.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

Need some St. Patrick’s Day language activities for your therapy groups? Click the images below to have themed therapy activities to cover a wide range of language goals. 

Here are three simple St. Patrick's Day paper crafts for speech therapy using rainbows to celebrate the holiday! Make easy rainbow crafts in your speech sessions to increase engagement and practice on goals.

Rainbow Speech Therapy Craft 

When talking about how rainbows form in the sky, this rainbow speech therapy craft could be fun to pair with that lesson! Just use the cloud craft template from my Any Craft Companion Resource, and colored construction paper or rainbow streamers. 

You can also do this with a paper plate cut in half. Add some stretched-out cotton balls to make the cloud “fluffy” and add the streamers. Then, have students write or glue their speech words. Another option is to print pages from the Any Craft Companion Resource on rainbow-colored paper with your student speech or language sounds. 

While making this craft you can target following directions, CORE words for more, help, on, want, look, all done. When making the cotton ball clouds, work on the verbs “stretch,” and “pull.”

Here are three simple St. Patrick's Day paper crafts for speech therapy using rainbows to celebrate the holiday! Make easy rainbow crafts in your speech sessions to increase engagement and practice on goals.

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft as a Speech Therapy Material


This rainbow craft may just be something YOU make as a therapy prop for your rainbow or St. Patrick’s Day unit. It’s the perfect themed prop for working on basic concepts.

To read more about how to use this craft as a themed prop, head to this St. Patrick’s Day therapy idea blog post

If you need some more rainbow craft ideas for your elementary caseload, check out this craft idea from Speech Room News

What Rainbow Speech Therapy Crafts Do You Like to Use in Therapy?

Do you enjoy using a favorite St. Patrick’s Day paper craft with your mixed groups? I am always hunting for low-prep crafts that tie in with this theme. Share about it in the comments, or tag me on social media @thedabblingspeechie when you make a craft.

Some of the best speech therapy sessions happen when you pair a themed book and a craft. Check out this blog post from TLC Talk SLP for books, songs, videos, and activities. 

St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities For Easy Planning

St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities For Easy Planning

If you are wanting to plan effective speech therapy lessons, but are limited on time, then this blog post is for you. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday coming up in March. You can use the St. Patrick’s Day speech therapy activities in this blog post to quickly find materials for your whole elementary caseload.

When I have a wide-range of ages and goals, themes help me to narrow my focus on planning. It helps take the overwhelm out of planning activities. Plus, I love seeing kids get engaged with my themes.

Today, I am sharing LOTs of speech and language activities to use for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Books for Speech Therapy

Use some festive St. Patrick’s Day books in your therapy sessions. Work on vocabulary, grammar, wh-questions, story retell, and inferencing with these books.


Here are some of my fave books to use (amazon affiliate links provided):

Ten Lucky Leprechauns by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook

How to Trap a Leprechaun by Sue Fliess and Emm Randall

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing

After I read the themed book, I plan extension activities to cover grammar and vocabulary goals. We work on noun-verb agreement, basic concepts, answering wh-questions and describing vocabulary using my St. Patick’s Day grammar and vocabulary activities.

I also use my St. Patrick’s Day language lesson plan guides to cover my whole class and small group lessons. 

Have easy to plan St. Patrick's Day language activities for speech therapy.

St. Patrick’s Day Language Activities for Push-In

For my push-in lessons, I do a whole class read aloud with a quick circle time activity. Then, we break up into small group stations. I plan three different stations and have myself and teachers faciliate a station. At my station, I make sure to do targeted practice for my students goals. 


The other two stations also target language goals but have cheat sheet guides for the teachers to help them implement the lesson. Catch the Leprechaun noun-functions and green items category sort are examples of language stations I would plan for two of the stations. There are various ways to structure your push-in lessons, and utilizing your staff to help run stations increases engagement and opportunities for language. 


Non-Fiction Passages for St. Patrick’s Day

Read Works is a free site that you can access St. Patrick’s Day articles. I use these articles with my older elementary students including this rainbow non-fiction passage. This site also includes vocabulary to target and wh-questions with answer choices. If I need progress monitoring data, I can collect data on listening comprehension in a quick second! You can also find articles on NewsELA.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Speech Therapy

I am a big fan of using crafts when I have the time to prep them. They can be used to naturally target goals and can be sent home for additional practice. Additionally, many crafts can be adapted to use with mixed groups. Check out my windsock craft to see how I adapted to cover a lot of goals. I found this cute Shamrock man you can make in speech.

If you need some St. Patrick’s Day craft inspiration, this video has lots of fun, easy to prep ideas.

Rainbow Crafts for Speech Therapy

Make a rainbow craft. Have students write or glue their speech or language targets on the different colors of the rainbow. It can be a great bulletin board display! You can also use this free lucky rainbow St. Patrick’s Day craft for your articulation and language groups. 


Or make this rainbow craft and work on following directions after you create it! You can target above, under, next to, in front and behind with this fun rainbow craft.

St. Patrick’s Day YouTube Videos for Speech Therapy

YouTube is your lesson planning friend! There are a lot of videos that discuss the history of St. Patrick’s Day.

Use EdPuzzle to create lesson plan questions with your videos. You plan the questions, and vocabulary you want to discuss with EdPuzzle, then show the video to your students. The video will automatically pause when it gets your question. Plan your lesson once and use over and over again!

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bins


Since part of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday is about wearing green, why not talk about green items! I use this green sensory bin companion from my St. Patrick’s Day Language Lesson Plan Guides to work on describing nouns by attributes. You can also see how I made a green sensory bin using toys/items around my speech room HERE.

I also love making a “Find the gold” sensory bin. This is a reinforcer bin to use with your mixed groups. You can put plastic gold coins from the Dollar Tree in the bin and a construction paper rainbow. Then, students roll a die. Whatever number they roll, that is how many gold coins they get to collect. The student practices their target skill and then the next student takes a turn. Whoever has the most gold coins at the end, wins! At the end of the game, you can work on who has more/less/most gold for some additional language practice!

Make this rainbow sensory bin for your preschool St. Patrick's Day activities.

Social Skill Idea for St. Patrick’s Day

For our speech students working on thinking about others, you can go on a “Catch the Leprechaun” school hunt. Print up these free clue cards from Cupcake for a Teacher and place them around the school. The last clue can have a pot of gold or a chocolate treat for your students. As you walk around the school, students have to follow the group plan and keep their bodies in the group. Check out this post to see how you can do this with The Gingerbread Man.

St. Patrick’s Day Idioms

Use St. Patrick’s Day idioms to work on figurative language. You can focus on idioms about getting rich, being lucky, and looking green! Here is a list of idioms you can teach your students:

  • To thank ones lucky stars
  • To hit the jackpot
  • To luck out
  • Goldmine
  • Green with envy
  • Give someone the green light
  • Have a green thumb
  • To feel green around the gills

Preschool Play-Based Speech Therapy Ideas

If you stop by your local Dollar Tree, Walmart or Hobby Lobby, you will find some fun St. Patrick’s Day props to use in your play-based speech therapy sessions

You can go on a leprechaun hunt and give inferencing clues for where the leprechaun went. Target basic concepts with the St. Patrick’s Day props.

Go on a gold hunt around your room to work on body in the group, verb actions, where questions and prepositions. The possibilities are endless when you have some fun St. Patrick’s Day props and toys.

Get ideas for planning a St. Patrick's Day speech therapy theme.

What St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Activities Do You Plan?

I would love to hear all the creative and engaging ways you plan therapy for St. Patrick’s day! Please share your best therapy ideas or tips in the comments or email me at fe*********@th*****************.com. Of course, you can always share a pic on Instagram and tag me @thedabblingspeechie. In my opinion, an SLP can never have to many therapy materials!