Today, I wanted to share how using Sneaky Snacky Squirrel in speech therapy can increase student engagement and still target language skills! Have you ever played Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game with your little speechies?  It is a really fun game that is perfect for the fall season.  I usually utilize this game as a reinforcer for articulation and phonological process kids, but needed something to use for language goals.  You can grab this game on amazon and if you have PRIME, then it is free shipping! (amazon affiliate links provided)

The game has a squirrel pincher to pick up acorns (great for fine motor practice), a spinner and four logs to put the acorns.  The students spin the spinner to try to collect all their acorns.  There are fun twists if you land on a sneaky squirrel because they you get steal an acorn from another player and if you land on the windy picture, you have to put all your acorns back.  If you get the sad squirrel, you have to put an acorn back and if you spin a 1 or 2 you get to pick whatever color acorn you want!  This is a great game for beginning social skills, impulse control (waiting your turn), asking to use something (the squirrel pincher), and matching colors.

Slide1My kids really loved this game, so I made a companion language pack to go with the game.  Instead of using the spinner, just use the cards!  I included pictures for every target, so I am pretty excited that this can be used with preschool to 2nd grade with the ability to differentiate if need be.

sneaky squirrel

You can grab this activity in my TPT store!

Print everything on card stock and laminate for durability!  There are 36 category group cards that students can either name the category or name items in the group.  Receptively, you can have students answer yes/no questions such as “do shoes go in the food group?”.

snacky categories

I have included 84 noun cards plus an attribute wheel to help with describing.  The students practice describing the noun on the card before taking a turn.  I love that you can always ask questions about the item if the student’s goal is written to answer wh-questions.

squirrel nuts 2

There are 24 multiple meaning cards with PICTURES!  I love this one because it helps the students see the two meanings.  Have them practice explaining the different meanings of the word. I am always targeting verbs, so I wanted to include some verbs for this pack.  There are 36 verb cards that you can ask the student what the person is doing, create a sentence using a pronoun and noun-verb agreement or ask them to describe the person in the picture.  I am looking forward to using this and I hope you will too!!  The clipart alone costs more than this pack, not to mention the time it took to add all these pictures!  I love that this is all ready to meet all my students needs.

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