Games are a great way to engage students while teaching a skill. The Toss Across Game is a favorite game of mine for speech therapy. It is a great way to get the kids out of their seats. Plus, there are a lot of ways to adapt the Toss Across Game for speech therapy goals

Need a new game to incorporate in speech therapy? Use toss across game in speech therapy to get your students up and moving.Where To Find The Toss Across Game

You can snag this fun game at amazon (amazon affiliate links included).  Target or Walmart may have this game too. You can also look for these games at Goodwill and garage sales. I found a great one at a garage sale and now have two, one of each of my sites.

How To Play The Toss Across Game

This game can be played on the ground or on a table.  It isn’t super huge, so you could bring this along from site to site if you are a traveling SLP. It is 17 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches and very light weight.  It comes with 6 mini bean bags as well.  When you toss a bean bag and it hits a square, it will either be an X, O or a blank.  Whoever gets a tic tac toe wins the game, but the other opponents can knock out your X or O and change the status of the game.  You can also hit more than one square with one toss.

toss across speech therapy- great ways to use with speech and language goals.

Ways To Use The Toss Across Game In Speech Therapy

Toss Across can be used in a variety of ways in speech therapy. Here are some ways that I enjoy adapting this game in therapy.

use the toss across game in speech therapy to adapt goals for students!

I love writing numbers on post it notes and placing them on the X’s and O’s. When a person hits an X or O that has a number on it, that is how many times they have to say their speech sound. Or it could be how many questions they have to answer or how many attributes they have to describe about an item.

use the toss across game in speech therapy to cover lots of goals!

I used my Fall Grammar & Vocabulary Pack to work on verbs and putting together simple sentences by taping the cards to the “blank” spots of the toss across game.  If the bean bag hits a square and spins a picture card, the student has to create a sentence with the picture.

use toss across game in speech therapy to work on social skills.

Tape a Q for question and an A for answer. When a student hits a Q, they have to ask a peer a question. If a student hits an A, they have to answer a question from a peer. SLPs can also have students add information before they take a turn to work on staying on topic or adding a though to a topic.

Additional Ways To Play Toss Across In Speech Therapy

  • Playing the game as a reinforcer is always a great option.  The turns are so quick, that you can get a lot of practice in between rounds.  Sometimes I do drill and kill for 5-10 minutes, then let the kids play for 2-3 minutes, then we are back at it again with practice.
  • Tape point cards to the game pieces and play a point style game.  Whoever has the most points at the end wins!  This would be used as a reinforcer for whatever speech or language target the student is working on.
  • Work on categories with this game.  Again, tape pictures of different items in a category and the student has to name and describe the item by attributes.
  • Practice turn taking, waiting, and the expected vs. unexpected behaviors for winning/losing a game.  Have the students pair up into teams to work on making encouraging comments when their peer does an awesome shot.

Have a great way you use this game in speech therapy? Leave a comment below or email me at fe*********@th*****************.com