Better Speech & Hearing Month is in May! It’s always fun to draw more awareness to our field and let people know a little bit more about we do every day! Need ideas for how you celebrate Better Speech & Hearing Month? There are little ways you can get the word out about speech and language pathology.
SLP's have an opportunity to share about speech therapy during better speech and hearing month

How To Celebrate Better Speech & Hearing Month

I gathered up some ideas you can share our field with other professionals, family members and friends.  Some of my ideas could also be a way to let your fellow SLP’s know that you appreciate their support throughout the year.

bookmark 21.  Make DIY speechie bookmarks for your SLP buddies!  Grab my free DIY template HERE!

2.  Decorate your staff lounge with information about what SLP’s do, tips for promoting speech and hearing in the classroom and how to protect your hearing with Natalie Snyders FREEBIE Awareness Packet.

3.  Give a presentation to your staff about “saving your voice” in the classroom.  The Queen’s Speech has a lot of great tips to make a quick presentation!  This is also a great time of year to do a little talk about what we do and the process to access speech services for students.

4.  Wear some fun SLP t-shirts from The Peachie Speechie to work all month! This is my hubby, Avery tearing out our old kitchen. He is wearing a sweatshirt that I bought him from the website!!  He told me people always ask him “what’s an SLP?”   Pretty sure people are mostly allured by the “smokin’ hot” part lol……


DIY decor magnets

5.  Make some DIY SPEECHY magnets to give to your co-workers, friends and other speechies to show your love for our field!  Check out how to make these magnets HERE!

6. I use different speech therapy groups on facebook to ask questions about assessment, therapy treatment plans and resources for materials!  You can join these groups too! It is a wonderful resource and there are SLP’s all over the place to give you their expert advice or validate your trials as an SLP.  Anyways…..Jill Schorr (fabulous SLP) shared her fun idea in the group about doing a speech and language quiz with her school staff. Grab her quiz with all the answers here!! Whoever has the most right can win a prize!  You can always customize the quiz to things you know like developmental norms, name what areas an SLP treats, how many sounds are in the word tongue and fun facts about different disorders.

Create a fun mouth craftivity for better speech and hearing month. Turn your mouth craft into a bulletin board.7. Create a bulletin board for your hallway in your room. Put fun facts and statistics about speech and language. You can use my mouth craftivity to decorate your bulletin board! Have the students create their craft and then post on the bulletin board.

How do you celebrate Better Speech & Hearing Month on your school campus or employment?

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