It’s all about sensory bins for me this spring season!  I love using hands-on learning experiences to target speech and language goals.  Plan an insect-themed unit during the spring and even summer months! You must add an insect sensory bin to your speech therapy stash because it’s engaging and covers TONS of speech and language goals. 

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Insect Sensory Bin Fillers and Materials


To make your insect sensory bin, add the following:

Additional Props for Your Bug Sensory Bin

You can create bugs using the glass beads from Dollar Tree and the printables I provided in the ultimate sensory bin guide. Glue them on and then use a magnifying glass for a bug hunt. Or, you can create a story with the kids and the bugs.

To increase engagement with the bug sensory bin, have a magnifying glass, a small toy net, and a bug catcher.

During the spring and summer months, Dollar Tree has many of these props at a low cost. 


How to Use Your Insect Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy


Here are some ways you can use your insect sensory bin to cover speech and language goals:

  • Go on a sound hunt for insects that have your student’s sound
  • Describe the bugs by attributes
  • Sort into categories for wings or no wings, stripes or spots, etc
  • Create a story using the bugs or retell a bug-themed book
  • Work on singular and plural nouns such as one bee, two bees
  • Ask and answer wh-questions
  • Target yes/no questions
  • Use the bug catcher to work on spatial concepts
  • Work on initiation, commenting and turn taking by only having one magnifying glass to share
  • Build MLU and syntax and morphology

Insect Speech Therapy Activities to Pair with the Sensory Bin

If you need more bug speech therapy activities to pair with the book, In the Tall, Tall Grass, you can use the insect language lesson plan guides to take the stress away from planning small groups and co-teaching sessions. Grab it HERE. Below are some of the activities included. You also get cheat sheets, a parent newsletter, Google Slides, and tips for setting up your push-in lessons.

More Insect Sensory Bin Ideas

If you love using the book, In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming, check out this sensory bin that pairs great with it!

And, if you love using ladybug books in therapy, this ladybug sensory bin is a hit.


How would you use these insect sensory bins with your speech therapy groups? Let me know in the comments.