Anyone else running out of quick and easy ways to make therapy engaging? Trying to keep my articulation therapy groups motivated to practice 100 trials in a session is like trying to get a two year old to get dressed in the morning. Can ya feel me? When my therapy groups have that glossy eyed stare or thehighly qualified, master degree holding SLP is now deemed the behavior management drill sergeant by my 5th graders, I know it’s time to switch things up.  diy abacus for speech therapy

Today, I wanted to share a do-it-yourself therapy material you can make for $2!!  Have you ever made a DIY abacus for speech therapy?  They are super easy to make and I got everything at the Dollar Store.

diy abacus for speech therapy

To make a DIY abacus for speech therapy, all you need is shoebox lid, pipe cleaners and those multi-colored plastic beads.  You could also use a piece of cardboard or something sturdy like that!

diy abacus for speech therapy

I cut little holes on each side of the top of the shoe box and inserted one side of the pipe cleaner in the hold.  Then, I added 10 beads onto the DIY abacus.  I put the other end of the pipe cleaner in the opposite side of the shoebox lid and twisted, so the pipe cleaner wouldn’t come loose. The last strand of beads, I added 30 beads to act as my articulation challenge!

diy abacus for speech therapy #2

I am using this abacus to work on keeping track of articulation productions, building longer sentences with my Springtime Grammar & Vocabulary Set, as well as working on math concepts of more, less, equal and most.

How would you use this DIY abacus for speech therapy?  I would love to add more ideas for this DIY material!!


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