I am a music girl!  If you have read my blog posts An SLP Song Playlist of 2015 or 
2015/05/20/10-songs-to-celebrate-the-end-of-the-school-year/”>10 Songs To Blast On The Last Day Of School
then you know that music is one of the ways I express myself.  Are any of you fans of the show GLEE?  I was super into it because I love musicals!  Plus, I love attaching songs lyrics to match my current mood or life circumstance. I have a list of 10 songs an SLP should sing at work.  I think they are quite cute and catchy.

10 songs an SLP should sing at work- This is a fun post about speech therapy life and all the things speech therapists experience in the school setting.

10 Songs an SLP Should Sing At Work

Wouldn’t it be hilarious/fun to just break out in song at work!? Well, I have 10 songs that I think YOU should sing at work. In no particular order….here are my recommendations and when/why you should sing them at work!

1. Got The Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5

This is a great song to bust out singing when you FINALLY get your student to correctly produce the /r/ sound!

2. No- Meghan Trainor

When your in your speech department meeting and your boss asks the group who wants to work summer school….Just start singing “Nah to the ah to the no, no, no. My name is no. My sign is no. My number is no. You need to let it go. You need to let it go. Need to let it go. Nah to the ah to the no, no, no.

3. I Feel Pretty- West Side Story

Start belting out “I feel pretty.  Oh so pretty.” as you head on into work on those days when you managed to get up in time to pick out the perfect outfit, put on some make up and blow dried your hair!

4. Popular- Kristin Chenoweth

When you pick up your little kinder speechies and the whole class asks you when it is going to be their turn coming to speech, this when you sing your “Popular” solo.

5. King Of Anything- Sara Bareilles

King of Anything by Sara Bareilles is the perfect song to serenade the IEP team when you are encountering an advocate who thinks they know more than you.

6. Lips Are Movin’- Meghan Trainor

“Your lips are movin’ cause you lie, lie, lie lie” is a fun little number sing when you start your first week back at school and see that your caseload is NO WHERE near 55 even though certain administration assured you before summer break that you would have a lighter load.

7. Stayin’ Alive- Bees Gees

As you are walking to pick up your last speech group for the day, you can hum “ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive” to convince yourself that you will have enough energy to finish out the day ALIVE!

8. It Takes Two- Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

This is the song an SLP needs to sing when you aren’t getting buy in from a student and therapy can’t progress unless both parties are working together!

9. Hello-Adele

“Hello….it’s me. I’ve been calling several times to get you to sign this IEP.  I know your sleeping in, but I need your signature. Hello from the SLP.  I must have called a thousand times, to tell you it’s time to sign this IEP.”  Enough said…you know when to belt this one out.

10. Smoke Break- Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s song “Smoke Break” is a great SLP solo for those days when the stress has just been building up from IEP’s, paperwork and trying to manage student’s behaviors.

There ya have it!  These are my musical recommendations for SLP’s to sing at work!  What songs would you sing?