The Gingerbread Man is a story that I use EVERY year. It is the perfect book for December. I love this book because it has repetitive language and lots of characters to discuss! Plus, if you can’t celebrate holidays during December this is still a fun theme!! For your little ones that need to have their hands moving, a gingerbread man sensory bin is a great way to target language.
gingerbread man sensory bin

After you have read The Gingerbread Man book (amazon affiliate links included) to your students, bring out the sensory bin to work on retelling the story, describing the characters by attributes and using grammatically correct sentences about the characters.

gingerbread man sensory bin

How To Make The Gingerbread Man Sensory Bin

You can make a sensory bin with any box, but I like the plastic boxes with a lid and those foldable clasps on the sides. This helps keep all the filler items secure when moving the bin because I have had a spill when carrying this to my car! I found mine at Target for less than $6. They also have them on amazon (Amazon affiliate link included). You can fill the box with anything, but I like filling it with dried black beans from Target. I also added some blue glass beads from the dollar store for the river. Then, print out my gingerbread man sensory bin template on white card stock.  Cut out the character props and fold them on the lines.  Glue together, and you have some fun characters to place in the box!

Click HERE to grab the free gingerbread man sensory bin printables. They are in the FREE Ultimate Sensory Bin Guide.

gingerbread man sensory bin

With my sentence strips, we targeted the verb “is”, “chased,” and “ran.” We also can retell the story using conjunctions and key story elements. This can also be a way to describe each of the characters by attributes. Your fluency students can practice their techniques while retelling the story or creating sentences about the characters. Use the characters to work on basic concepts! How else would you use this gingerbread man sensory bin in speech therapy? If you are looking for more fun sensory bin ideas, check out my Insect Sensory Bin, Easter Sensory Bin, or my March Sensory Bin.

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