Social skills therapy can be overwhelming at times. There are many components to having a successful social interaction, which makes it difficult to know where to start in speech therapy. It is also hard to find resources that break down complex social skills into smaller, more visual parts. This is why I love using social skills videos in pragmatic therapy. It gives me a starting point and helps me guide my lessons. I was so excited when I discovered Everyday Speech’s Social Skills videos!

Use Everyday speech's social skills videos for teaching lessons in social pragmatic therapy. Love how easy these are to incorporate into speech sessions and whole group lessons.

What is Everyday Speech

Everyday Speech is a website that provides social skills materials for SLPs, special education teachers and other learning professionals. The website’s main focus is building a library of social skills videos that can be used to teach the students specific social skills. They add new social skills videos every month. By next year, Everyday Speech is aiming to have over 100 social skills videos to use in your speech rooms and classrooms (amazing)!

Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos for social pragmatic therapy. These videos are great and save time for lesson planning!

How I discovered Everyday Speech

If you have been following me for some time now, you know I LOVE Youtube! I love finding videos that I can incorporate into my therapy sessions. The kids love technology, I love when my students are engaged, and it makes for some serious low prep, effective therapy sessions. Everyday Speech has a youtube channel featuring some of their videos. I tried them out with my social skill groups and they were a hit!

Why I love using these social skills videos

  • They are short! Each video is about 2 minutes long, so I can visually show my students the social skill and still have time to practice/role play the skill after the video ends.
  • The videos have real people acting out the social skills. They get to see what the expected behaviors/actions/words are necessary for the skill.
  • Video modeling is an effective evidence based therapy approach for students on the Autism. I love how visual the videos are for my students. Plus, they are written by an SLP, so I know they are legit!
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the thought bubbles in the video. It helps show what people are thinking during an interaction, which has helped my students understand another person’s perspective.
  • Planning therapy has become so much easier for me when using these video. There are a lot of videos to chose from in the database, so I can use different videos each week in therapy.
  • There are worksheets that go along with the videos, which have great discussion questions and can also be given as homework for home carryover.
  • Everyday Speech has videos that are in game form. There is a BINGO game, Guess what happens next, Act it out, problem solving and two sides. These videos are longer in length and the speech therapist can use them for the entire session. I am using these videos for my push in social skill lessons. The kids have to work in teams and it keeps the students engaged while learning about social skills.
  • The video topics are relevant to what students are required to know in the school environment such as spreading rumors, being fair on the playground, accepting rejection from a peer, and following directions the first time are just some of the videos you can use!

Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos has worksheets you can use with the social skills videos

How do I gain access to these social skill videos?

You can go to the Everyday Speech website to order a monthly or yearly subscription. A monthly subscription is $7.99 a month or a yearly subscription of $79.99. Next year, the monthly and yearly rates are increasing to $9.99/month and $99.99/year, so now is the time to join! Whatever initial price you paid when you joined Everyday Speech, that is the price you will pay each year, so the price increases won’t affect you after you initially join.

Everyday Speech also allows a 30 day free trial for you to use all the social skills videos before you commit!

Interested in getting sharing this with your employer? Everyday Speech has purchase order forms HERE that you can have your school district or employer fill out to buy this subscription for you.

Special Offer For My Followers

Everyday Speech has generously offered a promo code for 50 of my followers! If you sign up for the monthly subscription, you can get the subscription 50% off for the first six months. The first 30 days is completely free, then 50% off for 6 month months ($7.99 -> $3.99).  If you sign up in May, that will get you to December for only $24! Plus, it locks you in to the $7.99/month price after that.

Click this link HERE to sign up and make sure “DABBLING” is in the code at checkout.
What do you think of this resource for your social skills therapy? Do you see this helping you with lesson planning and teaching social skills?