Do you walk by all those nicely decorated bulletin boards in the school hallways and wish you had a FUN, pretty bulletin board in your room? But…you feel like you don’t have time and energy to “decorate”? I have a lot of great speech therapy bulletin boards that will be worth your time because they will had color and function to your therapy.

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I enjoyed decorating my speech room when I knew that my decor had a purpose. You can check out my blog post on how to make your speech room pretty and functional HERE!

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPs. Had function and decor to your speech room with vocabulary bulletin boards, goal setting bulletin boards, articulation visual bulletin boards and more!

A couple of years ago, I shared a blog post about speech therapy bulletin boards that would allow you to target speech and language goals! Check it out HERE!

Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards For Articulation

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPs display visuals for articulation!

Make a an articulation visuals bulletin board! Before practicing at the speech table, head over to the articulation bulletin board and practice tongue/mouth placement with this FUNctional articulation visuals from Let’s Talk Speech Therapy.

speech therapy bulletin boards that display articulation and language targets

I love these speech therapy bulletin board decor packs from Kiwi Speech, especially the “why we play games?” poster! Bulletin boards are a great way to visual showcase what we do as SLPs and provide an easy way to utilize these visuals during our lessons.

Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards To Share About What SLPs Treat

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPS

Putting up a snazzy bulletin board that shares about all the different areas we SLPs treat helps spread awareness about our expertise. This is a great hallway bulletin board that you can get from Putting Words In Your Mouth.
speech therapy bulletin board for SLPs

You can use my mouth craftivity to target goals in therapy or draw awareness about speech and language disorders!

Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards For Motivation & Accountability

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPs

Make a bulletin board that reminds your students that the speech room is a safe and loving place to go! We can make a bulletin board that shares encouragement. Check out how SLPTalk made this cute bulletin board HERE! I found some wood bulletin board paper on amazon.

Functional speech therapy bulletin boards to make an SLPs therapy room pretty and useful.

Make a goal bulletin board for students to review their speech goals at the start of the therapy session. This helps students be more aware of what they are working on in speech. The pops of color from Nicole’s bulletin board come from using colorful astrobrights paper (amazon affiliate link included).

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPS to monitor progress. Data progress bulletin board

This year I am going to be trying something new with my older students. We are going to track our data on a visual graph at the end of our sessions. I am going to keep them on a bulletin board to remind ME to do it on a regular basis. For confidentiality, I am going to have only initials on each graph chart. Click on the pink button below to get this FREE template.

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPs goal setting board

Here is another goal bulletin board from Speech Me Maybe! She took envelopes and attached them to the board with clothespins that have a push pin glued on the back. Students can get their goal cards out to review before starting therapy!

Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards For Mixed Groups

speech therapy bulletin boards for the speech room

The Type B SLP made this amazing “Who Am I?” riddle bulletin board that can be used to target language or articulation goals! Find out more about it HERE.

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPS

I love having a blank bulletin board to add visuals, crafts, my students work or anything I may need during the year for my caseload. I love the background from A Perfect Blend

Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards For Language

speech therapy bulletin boards for SLPs build vocabulary each week with a tier 2 vocabulary bulletin board

Crazy speech world made a bulletin board that has themed tier 2 vocabulary words, so you can have targeted vocabulary words on display every week. I love using themes in my therapy plans, so this is a great way to visually showcase a set of new words for students to review.

Do you have a FUNctional bulletin board in your speech room? Email me at and I would love to share in a future blog post! Tag me on instagram @thedabblingspeechie and use the hashtag #slpbulletinboards to inspire more SLPs!


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