Will you be walking the plank this week in your speech sessions? SLPs out there that love themed therapy, let me just tell you that a pirate-themed is a BIG hit with the kids. Our younger students love the idea of pirates and all the silly lingo that pirates say. If you need ideas for pirate speech therapy activities, this blog post has all the inspiration to help you plan engaging speech and language lessons for your caseload.

Pirate Crafts for Speech Therapy

When I do push-in speech therapy lessons in my Special Day Classroom for K-2, I try to incorporate as many hands-on learning activities as possible. Here are a couple of pirate crafts you can use to cover speech and language goals:

Learn how to make pirate crafts that you can use in your speech therapy sessions.

Make a pirate paper bag craft and then let your students practice following directions using their pirate. When I did this pirate craft, I used it for my co-teaching lessons. Typically when I do a whole class lesson, I do a 20-30 minute carpet circle time lesson including a pirate book, anchor chart, or movement activity. Then, the students break up into three stations. I run a station, and the teachers/instructional aids run stations. We do those for about 10 minutes each and then rotate the students to the next station. Because I didn’t run the paper bag craft station, I didn’t get to help students make their craft. But, because I wasn’t at the station this created a natural communication opportunity. At the end of the stations, over half the class initiated a conversation with me because they wanted ME to see their pirate puppet. It was amazing to hear all the spontaneous conversation. Some students even requested to take them out at recess to play with them. To learn more about how to set up your whole class lessons, check out my set up here

Similarly, kids can make a paper plate pirate ship craft and use as a prop for acting out basic and spatial concepts. For kids working on speech sound goals, have them say their sound 5-10 times before getting to use the dot marker to make dots. Craft template printables are in the Themed Therapy Membership (when you sign up for an annual you get access to all 36 months at once. The pirate theme is available August-September.)

Check out these pirate crafts you can use for speech therapy

Stolen Treasure Speech Therapy Activity

I found some plastic gold coins at the Dollar Spot during the St. Patrick’s holiday. After I read a pirate book, we play the “Who Stole The Treasure?” activity. It works on object permanence, being able to have impulse control to NOT reveal if they stole the treasure, ask/answer questions with peers, and using the body language necessary for talking with peers. You can also give students the treasure and work on answering simple wh-questions. Who has the treasure? Who has the gold coins? If you have more pirate props, you can give every student an item and work on “who” questions.

Have all the students close their eyes. Explain that if the student gets a treasure chest or gold coin, that they have to keep it a secret. When all the items are hidden, pick a student or students to ask his/her peers if they have the item? Continue this activity until all the treasure is found. The printables and lesson plan are part of my Pirate Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guide.

Sensory Bin Pirate Speech Therapy Activities

Check out these pirate speech therapy activities you can use with your students!

If you need a sensory bin pirate speech therapy activity, make a treasure-themed bin. Find some fake gold coins and items to hide in the bin with kinetic sand (affiliate).

I got my container from Lakeshore, but you can use any bin. I actually prefer bins that have clasps (amazon affiliate) on the lid in case you drop the bin in transit. I hid mini trinkets that I found on Etsy in the bin. Then, students got to go hunt for treasure.

Once, students went hunting for treasure, we discussed the items they found by category group, noun function, parts, etc. You can go on a categories treasure hunt using my FREE printable that you can access on this blog post.

Another way that I used this bin was to work on the verbs “bury” and “hide”. After the kids went on the treasure hunt, they got to bury the treasure so that other pirates couldn’t find their loot. Your students can work on building grammatically correct sentences and answering “who” questions. “I buried _______.” And then I asked peers, “who buried the shoe?”

I also have a blog post with another fun pirate sensory bin that pairs well with any pirate book!

Pirate Books for Speech Therapy

Using a pirate-themed book can help you have an engaging lesson that increases engagement with vocabulary and concepts from the theme. If you need pirate books for speech therapy with repetitive text check out these options:

There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish by Jennifer Ward is a great book for kids who need repetitive language. The kids love seeing the pirate’s belly grow and can’t believe he is swallowing all these items!

Goodnight Pirate by Michelle Robinson

There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map! by Lucille Colandro

For students working on comprehension, narrative language, and vocabulary, these pirate books are great:

Pirates Don’t Change Diapers by Melinda Long is a fun tale about a kid who had pirates come to visit him at his home.

Pirate Chickens: All Hens on Deck by Brian Yanish is about a chicken Lily who dreams of a life off the farm. Her wish gets granted by some pirates and she soon becomes a pirate herself. 

Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle is about a family of pirates that move in next door to a little girl. The neighbors don’t really care for the pirate family, but Tilda embraces her new neighbors. 

How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long is all about a boy Jeremy Jacob and who gets invited by Braid Beard the pirate captain to join in their voyage. 

Pirate speech therapy activities that you can pair with any pirate book!

Pirate Speech Therapy Activities for Prek-5th Grade

If you are looking for pirate-themed speech and language activities for your preschool and elementary caseload, join the Themed Therapy SLP membership. We provide book cheat sheets, companions, open-end games, no prep short stories, toy guides, Google Slides, crafts, printables and more!

Pirate Speech Therapy Activities with Toys

Your sessions can come to life when you pull out toys to work on speech and language goals. If you are looking to expand your pirate-themed toy collection for your play-based speech therapy sessions, definitely read this blog post with all my recommendations. 

Pirate Songs for Speech Therapy

Use these pirate songs for your speech therapy sessions.

Have some kids that like to move? Break up your sessions with pirate-themed songs to engage your students. These pirate songs and brain breaks are great for whole class lessons and your small groups.

What Pirate Speech Therapy Activities Do You Plan?

What pirate speech therapy activities do you plan? Did you know that September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day? This is the best time to plan pirate activities. But, honestly, you can do pirates any old time you want to in speech. I think this theme is highly motivating for our younger students. I would love to know what middle school and high school SLPs do for pirates week! Share in the comments your ideas for older students.