Have you been hearing a lot of SLPs mention using the OSMO as a document camera? This might be the first time you have heard about using the OSMO in speech therapy. It was for me back in April.  When schools were closed down, I was missing my toy therapy. And, I wanted to find some solutions for how to increase engagement with my virtual speech therapy sessions. Then, Live Love Speech came to my rescue on Instagram and showed how she was using her OSMO as a document camera. This meant I could virtually play with my sensory bins, toys, and materials! Yahoo!

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Is the OSMO Document Camera Hack a Good Fit for Me

You can definitely buy a document camera and use that for teletherapy, but some of the prices I have seen $70 and up!

If you already own an IPad, then you can get an OSMO based for just $39 and use it for that purpose. The price difference is great and you can use a lot of their FREE apps while mirroring  your iPad and then sharing your screen. 

A document camera may be a better fit for you if you don’t own an IPad and need something that focuses well. Some have said that the video quality on the OSMO isn’t great. So, if you are wanting to use a doc camera for worksheets, this may be the better way to go. IPEVO has good speed and projects an area 13 inches by 10 inches.

I also got the OKIOCAM for $70 and one of the cool features of this is that it easy to transport in your bag and setup is fast!

OSMO speech therapy guide to use as a document camera

What You Need to Set Up the OSMO Document Camera

OSMO speech therapy ideas for using it as a document camera

To use the OSMO as a document camera you really only need the OSMO base and an iPad.

For a MAC computer, you need your USB cord. If you own a newer MAC, you may need an iPad lightning cord.  The best tutorials I have found for set up are from Primary Punch and SLPTalk with Desiree. You will use QuickTime Player to mirror the iPad with the free OSMO projector app.

Step by step photo tutorial from Primary Punch

walks you through how to setup your OSMO with teh Mac with easy to follow pictures.


How to Setup the OSMO on a PC Computer

For SLPs using PC computers, you can mirror your iPad using the free software, Let’s View. Check out the video tutorial for how to setup. If your district is allowing you to use Zoom, you may be able to directly mirror your OSMO base with the free projector app. Check out this post for more details.

How to Use the OSMO with Microsoft Teams

For those of you using Microsoft Teams, this YouTube tutorial helps you with how to set that up! Check it out. 

Speech Therapy Materials to Use With the OSMO

Once you get the OSMO setup you can use so many materials in real-time with your students!

You can use flashcards, sentence strips, or visual supports like the AAC CORE board in the picture to model in real-time.

You can also use some of the free apps in teletherapy while mirroring your iPad. SLPTalk with Desiree shared how you can use the OSMO Monster app in therapy. OSMO Newton is another cool app you can use in therapy!

Live Love Speech shares all the best tips for how to use the OSMO with toys! Check out some of her ideas on Instagram.

Primary Punch is the queen of using the OSMO for games! I love all the ways she adapts the OSMO doc cam. Check out her tips and tricks on IG.



How to use the OSMO in speech therapy

You can also make mini sensory bins using a pencil case box or any of your storage containers at home! My favorite sensory bin to use with the OSMO are my Can You Find It? seasonal sensory bins. These printables are in my fall, spring, summer and winter push-in language lesson plan guides

Using sensory bins with the OSMO in speech therapy

Use Your Games with the OSMO

You can use your favorite games with the OSMO document camera. I love using my Name It! Vocabulary game with mixed groups in person.

Now, I can still use this game during virtual speech therapy sessions. It is so nice to pull out materials without feeling like I have to prep a whole new lesson.

What materials are you using with the OSMO? I would love to know your tips and tricks. Leave a comment with your ideas or tag my on IG @thedabblingspeechie