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This week Felice talks with Abbie from GoGo Speech about engaging students by using green screens. As Abbie began creating green screen activities to use with her own SLP clients she quickly noticed their engagement levels skyrocketed! Seeing the impact it had on her sessions caused her to start sharing these green screen activities with other SLPs! “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is the song that Abbie shares that inspires her after her sessions. “It’s really the best feeling when a session’s over and the kid doesn’t want to leave, so then you can get them all pumped up about the next session and everyone leaves happy, including the parents, and you just feel so confident as a clinician knowing you just did some awesome work.”


In this episode: 

You’ll hear

  • The process of setup, how it works, all the details for the techy side of green screens.
  • Some of the benefits to using green screen activities in therapy and how SLPs can use them for younger and older students.
  • Tips for SLPs using green screens and how to find ways to adapt them to achieve your goals with your students.


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YouTube Tutorial on Green Screen


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