Hey Hey SLPs! In this week’s episode my guests are Brittany and Allie from expressyourselfspeech.ca. This OT and SLP dynamic duo is known for co-creating for self-regulation and social communication.  In today’s episode, Brittany and Allie will guide SLPs on how to approach social pragmatics while co-teaching with an OT.  They give practical tips to help with teaching social communication while being mindful of the child’s regulation and also how to facilitate self regulating strategies during a therapy session. Get ready SLPS! If you have been struggling to find a solution for a student in the classroom or in sessions, you will take away lots of ideas on ways to support them better. I am excited about this team collaboration because it gives the child another opportunity to practice and generalize their goals and skills to be even more successful. Brittany and Allie do not disappoint! Whether it’s trying new things, or leaning on one another for support, this team does what it takes to help children be successful!


in this episode: 

You’ll hear

  • What self-regulation is and what it might look for a child to struggle with self-regulation.
  • How can SLPs decipher between true language disorders or self-regulation and collaborate with the OT about these types of referrals?
  • What self-regulation strategies can SLPs use when their students are struggling with paying attention?
  • For students that struggle with impulse control, and controlling how they express their emotions, what strategies may help them to self-regulate to participate more successfully in a session?

Keep in touch with Brittany and Allie:

Brittany’s instagram – @ot.with.brittany 

Allie’s instagram – @express_yourselfspeech





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