Hey Hey SLPs! In today’s episode, my guest, Kristine Lamb, will talk about speech therapy cooking activities that you can use for your preschool push-in lessons. Lesson planning for push-in services can feel overwhelming for busy SLPs because it is challenging to find activities that cover a wide variety of skills that keep our little friends engaged during the lessons. Kristine has found some real success with using cooking to serve her students’ speech and language needs.  

Speech Therapy Cooking Activities

in this episode: 

You’ll hear

  • How SLPs can collaborate with teachers and how you go into the classroom
  • Ways to find funding for cooking supplies
  • How to stay organized when prepping for lessons
  • How virtual SLPs can adapt cooking into teletherapy
Using cooking for your preschool push-in lessons with Kristine from Live Love Speech on the Real Talk SLP Podcast

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Resources and Blog Post Mentioned in the Cooking Preschool Push-In Lessons

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