Ep. 35 How to Navigate Transitioning - thedabblingspeechie
Hey Hey SLPs! This week Felice shares how to navigate transitions in the SLP job world.  Transitioning can sometimes feel very drastic because SLPs are in a very big field with a lot of wonderful opportunities. The song by Sarah Bareilles “Let the Rain” comes to mind when thinking about transitioning. Starting a new position can feel like breaking new ground. In the beginning, it can be very messy and muddy, but once the water kind of settles after the rain, you see some either beautiful vegetation start growing or things have cleared away. So sit back and relax SLPs, Felice is going to share her personal and professional tips for taking this leap of faith.


In this episode you will hear:

  • How to acknowledge your doubts and fears
  • Tips for keeping it simple.
  • Taking care of YOUR needs.
  • Keep big goals, but focus on small action steps.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Teachers Pay TeachersTeachers Pay Teachers
Speech therapists are trying to plan lessons for their students with distance learning and need easy to prep activities that can be sent home to cover a lot of goals. SLPs that need the ‘I Spy’ around the home activities for both English and Spanish, this is the Bundle. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/I-Spy-Speech-Therapy-Home-Packets-Spanish-and-English-Bundle-5575275?utm_source=TDS%20blog&utm_campaign=transition%20podcast
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