Hey Hey Hey SLPs! In this week’s episode, I will be talking about five ways you can beat overwhelm! Unfortunately, overwhelm can come in and just wreak havoc on your routine, your productivity and steal your joy. Particularly with the school-based speech pathologist, you may feel overwhelmed because so many things are coming at you at once. A lot of SLPs serve kindergarten to middle school case loads which is a wide range. Many of you also serve a variety of disorders. These high case loads and workloads can definitely cause overwhelm! So today I am going to give you five ways to help you deal with overwhelm and get your joy back into teaching!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Keep it Simple!
  • Prioritize your self care
  • Make a weekly or daily plan
  • Do not commit to doing all sorts of new things
  • Embrace the fails!

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