Hey Hey Hey SLPs! Today we have Dr. Tinita Kearney and we are gonna be talking about books! How to use books, build literacy, and reach goals for your preschool students.    

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How books can improve language
  • How SLPs can use books to help increase parent or teacher buy-in to use books in the home or classroom 
  • Tips for selecting an appropriate book for the preschool-age group

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Book Reading Tips Shared by Tinita:

  1. Start with the cover and ask the child “What do they think the book is about?”
  2. Incorporate low pressure questions that allows the child to answer without being corrected if right or wrong.
  3. Be mindful for frustration levels. If the child is showing signs of frustration, give answer choices, or provide an easier question.
  4. Ask questions about the story every 1-2 pages of the story.

Tips for Picking a Book for Preschool-Aged Students

  1. Think about what interests your students have that make them inspired.
  2. Find a book that reflects the child’s daily life.
  3. Consider the child’s development level and modify the story text if needed.
  4. Look for books with vibrant pictures.
  5. Use books that expand your student’s understand about the world and other cultures. 

Where to find books:

  1. Your local library. Digitally check out books with Overdrive.
  2. www.getepic.com
  3. YouTube – search book title read aloud
  4. www.diversebookfinder.org
  5. www.boomlearning.com has adapted book resources

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  Lola Koala’s Travel Adventures: www.lolakoala.com  

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