When I am in a themed therapy planning rut, I try to think about using themes related to the year’s seasons. Or find themes that your student’s classroom teachers are using in the curriculum. But, if you can’t perfectly align your theme with all the classrooms on campus, try to come up with activities around a theme your students may experience out in the community or at home.  When you think about what is relevant to your students’ daily lives, you will discover many themed therapy options! Today, I will share five spring themes for speech therapy you can use across your elementary caseload. 

If you are wondering how to use a theme for Prek-6th grade, check out my three tips for using a themed unit across ages and skills.

5 Spring Themes for Speech Therapy

Need some inspiration for planning out your themed therapy sessions for the spring season? Check out these 5 spring themes speech therapy ideas to plan your next themed unit!

One of the most versatile themes for spring is spring weather! You can theme smash talking about clothes and temperature with this unit. And, there is a lot of great vocabulary to target with spring weather. You can describe spring vocabulary, name clothes to wear in spring, activities, and work on basic concepts with spring items such as an umbrella, rain boots, hat, sun, and clouds.

Incorporating evidence-based practices for building vocabulary can be used for any spring theme

Are you in need of spring-themed activities for your elementary caseload? Check out the digital and printable spring activities in my TPT store, or join the Themed Therapy SLP membership that has spring-themed units for insects, spring, flowers, weather, and more! The membership was created to help you save ya lots of time with speech therapy planning and increase engagement in your sessions.

Spring Materials to Save You Time Without Sacrificing Student Engagement

If you need activities ready to go for spring without the stress of making them your own, check out these spring resources for your caseload. 

Bugs and Flowers are the Ultimate Spring Themes for Speech Therapy

The best themes to choose are those that you can do with younger and older students. Flowers and bugs can do just that! You can easily find ways to adapt a flower and bug theme to fit the needs of your preschool students and your upper elementary students. For example, talking about the flower life cycle can be discussed with younger and older students. 

For early elementary, making a flower garden sensory bin can be a great way to help students make connections with the flower books you use. Plus, you can get a free sensory bin guide that gives you support with making your bin. 

Bugs are undoubtedly fascinating living creatures for kids. Between learning the life cycles of insects, exploring their body parts, and understanding how some bugs help pollinate our plants, like honeybees! The main reason an insect theme is excellent for spring is it is a very engaging unit that lasts longer than two weeks!

Get ideas for planning spring activities for preschoolers to work on speech and language goals

Earth Day Happens During the Spring Season

Get spring speech therapy ideas with 5 themes to plan for your caseload!

We celebrate Earth Day in April, and it is a great theme to use to discuss our climate and how we can help protect the Earth. This theme is easy to help students make personal connections into their own life and take action for how they can help keep the Earth cleaner. For some YouTube videos on Earth Day, check out these channels. If you need some non-fiction passages, check out these on Wonderopolis. What activities do you plan for Earth Day? Let me know in the comments. 

Baby Animals on the Farm Theme for Speech Therapy

You may have done a farm theme in the fall season talking about harvest, but now you can do it in the spring to talk about all the baby farm animals being born! Add these farm babies figurines to your farm toys and materials! 

What farm books do you love that tie in baby animals in the book? Share in the comments. 



Get 5 spring themes to plan activities for preschoolers!

Which Spring Theme for Speech Therapy Do You Love to Plan?

Learn about 5 spring themes you can plan for your speech therapy caseload!

Any time I can incorporate more play and hands-on activities into my sessions, my students light up and participate so much more. You can use spring themes in your play-based speech therapy sessions. What spring themes do you love for your preschool and elementary students? Share in the comments.