I don’t know a student who doesn’t get excited about hiding items in things or going on hunts to discover something sneaky. You’ve come to the right blog post if you need st. patrick’s preschool play therapy ideas that incorporate sneaky leprechauns or hidden gold!

When I spotted some wooden buildings at the Target Dollar Spot, I knew I needed to hoard, I mean, stock up on these fab toys.

You can use them with a community helper and transportation theme, and you can also do some theme smashing with st. patrick’s preschool play!

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Speech Therapy Materials You Need

To have some sneaky leprechauns invade the town, you need the wooden buildings from the Target Dollar Spot. I don’t think the wooden buildings are available anymore at Target, but I found some alternatives that I will link below. For your St. Patrick’s preschool play activity, you will need the following:

Gold coins – You can find these at Dollar Tree

Mini pots – Usually, these are at the Dollar Tree during Halloween and St. Patrick’s season

Wooden buildings: Found at Target Dollar Spot, you can also find them on Mercari or try these Melissa and Doug blocks. 

Leprechaun printables – You can get them in the St. Patrick’s Day Grammar and Vocabulary set

Leprechaun and St. Patrick’s Day props – I always look in the dog toy section at TJ Maxx. Check out where you can find themed props HERE. Here is another version like the one in the pictures in the blog post. 

Binder clips to attach your leprechauns


St. Patrick’s Day Play-Based Learning Activity


Hide some leprechauns under the wooden buildings and tell your students that some sneaky leprechauns are in our town! We must find them.

Grab your favorite toy car or vehicle and look ‘under’ the buildings around the town. While you drive around, target ‘go’, ‘stop’, ‘look’, ‘where’, and ‘around.’

Have your students share three things they might see at each building. So, if you stop at the school, they can name school supplies.

Give your students inference clues about ‘where’ the leprechaun could be hiding and target ‘where’ questions during this entire activity!

How would you use this activity in your mixed groups? Share in the comments.

Gold Hunt Play-Based Speech Therapy Activity

If you have those gold coins and the mini pots, you can have students drive around the town looking for gold coins. With a permanent marker, you can write different numbers on the coins. Whatever number it says, that’s how many times your student has to practice their speech sound.

Or, you can put different amounts of coins under the buildings to work on none, more, less, and a plural noun marker. 

What’s great about this activity is you can also work on ‘where’ questions and category items that would belong at each building!

How would you adapt this activity for your students? Share in the comments.


St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Circle Time Activity


It can be tough to engage your young students during your co-teaching lessons! They want to wiggle and move, so it can be challenging to keep them excited at the carpet time activity.

But, if you make it feel like a fun game, they will stay excited during circle time. And in the process, you can target waiting, turn-taking, functional communication, and language skills.

With your gold coins, leprechaun printables, or St. Patrick’s themed props like shamrocks, or rainbows, you can tell your students that SOMEONE took the gold coins from the leprechaun’s pot.

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Have all your students close their eyes while you give some students a gold coin. Tell them ahead of time that if they get a gold coin, they have to hide it with their hands. Then, everyone opens their eyes and has to ask different friends in the group if they stole a gold coin.

You target yes/no questions, ‘who’ questions, initiation of questions, waiting, and turn-taking!

If you have a leprechaun prop, you can also play “Who did the leprechaun sneaky upon?” to target the basic concept behind it.

Need More St. Patrick’s Day Speech Therapy Ideas?

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Don’t stress about St. Patrick’s Day for your elementary caseload. There are a LOT more engaging therapy ideas on this blog post to help you with planning.