When we plan themed therapy lessons for our speech therapy caseloads we want them to help students make progress on their goals. In this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast, we are going to be talking about how to play speech therapy themes by month and learning how you can theme smash two themes together! I will be sharing what theme smashing is, how to do it, and ways to think through the themes you are choosing throughout the year. 

Why It’s Important To Use a Theme for 2-4 Weeks

Get a free themed monthly calendar for planning your speech therapy lessons and learn what theme smashing is!

Before we chat about what theme smashing is, I encourage you to use a theme for longer than a week. At the beginning of this podcast episode, I share two of the benefits of planning only one or two speech therapy themes in a month. 

Free Themed Speech Therapy Planner

Trying to pick a theme for your speech therapy caseload can be overwhelming. When you have lots of paperwork and caseload management tasks, picking a theme can be the last thing on your list. That’s why I created a giant list of 100 seasonal and nonseasonal themes you can use to get inspiration for speech therapy lesson planning. Use the free speech therapy themes by month calendar to get organized with what to plan!

We discussed having templates for speech therapy reports is so helpful with saving time! Oftentimes, SLPs create a library of templates for assessment batteries and different portions of the report, which can take TONS of time to do. Or, we pull up a previous report and use that as a template, which leaves room for errors with having the wrong name, dates, or pronouns in the report.

What is Theme Smashing?

Get a free themed speech therapy planner and learn about theme smashing!

Theme smashing is when you work on two themes at the same time and infuse them into your themed unit.

You can bring in concepts from your last theme into the new theme to increase opportunities with background knowledge, vocabulary, and concepts from that theme.

Here are some examples of theme smashing options:

During this episode I break down how you can plan out these themed unit back to back to provide more opportunities with concepts from the previous theme. In the March and April months of the Themed Therapy SLP membership, we have options for baking, weather, insects, spring, community helpers and chores making theme smashing easier!

Links to Resources and Blog Posts Mentioned About Themed Speech Therapy

If you are just getting started with planning themed therapy or have been doing it for a while now, but need fresh ideas, take my free Themed Therapy SLP quiz! It will send you LOTS of blog posts and ideas for whatever stage you are in currently.

Here are some resources mentioned in the podcast episode:

If you have any questions about planning by themes or need ideas, feel free to reach out on social media @thedabblingspeechie

Learn tips for how to plan speech therapy themes by month and get a free SLP planner.

What is Theme Smashing? - How to Plan Speech Therapy Themes by Month Ep 111

by The Dabbling Speechie