The ONE thing you need for your monster theme is a feed-the-monster prop! By having an easy-to-adapt-themed therapy prop, you can increase your sessions’ engagement without reinventing the wheel for activities in each mixed group session. Plus, this DIY feed-the-monster-themed prop is cost-effective! Using themed props can bring so much engagement to your speech therapy sessions that they are worth the time and money. 

Supplies You Need To Make Your Feed the Monster

Amazon affiliate links are included in this blog post. Here are the supplies you need to make your Monster:

Mini trashcan – I found one at Dollar Tree before, but if they don’t have one, you can get this set on Amazon.

I have also found this one, or the container store has a mini trashcan.

Googly eyes – There are usually googly eyes at Dollar Tree, but you can also find these on Amazon or any craft store.

Pom pom balls and pipe cleaners

Hot glue gun

Open Ended Activity Idea With Your Feed the Monster Prop

Get some eyeball ping pong balls from Dollar Tree during the Halloween season and use them to feed the monster. After every turn for any speech or language goal, your students can feed the monster an eyeball. You can also feed your monster mini trinkets or put cut-up index cards face down with numbers written on them. Then, you can have your student pick a card at each turn, and they get to feed the monster that number of eyeballs or earn that amount of points. I am sure if you have smaller play food, you could also feed that to your monster! Check out the visual sentence strips in my store to get high trials at the word or sentence level. They have sound-loaded carrier phrases to help get lots of trials.

All the BEST tips for how to use a DIY feed the monster prop in speech therapy!

Themed Therapy Monster Language Activities for Push-In

If you work with prek-2nd grade students and need some monster-themed language activities for small groups and push-in therapy, this monster lesson plan guide will save you time and stress! Plus, your students will dig into all the activities and not know they are working hard to build their language skills. 

Tips for Adapting This Themed Therapy Prop in Speech Therapy

All the BEST tips for how to use a DIY feed the monster prop in speech therapy!

The beauty of this monster prop is that you can feed him ANY flashcards you have on hand. It’s the best mixed group activity. Each child in your group can have their cards to feed the monster. If you are looking for Halloween-specific cards, there is a set in my TPT store using Halloween vocabulary to target grammar and language goals with grammar flashcards.

You can also give your monster food items and then discuss the item by adjectives such as sweet, sour, hot, cold, etc. In the monster push-in lesson plan guides there are flashcards and sentence strips for this activity.

For your students using AAC to communicate, there are a LOT of CORE words you can target while using the monster prop. While using the eyeballs, mini trinkets, small play food, or flashcards, here are some ideas for CORE words to target:

“what” – ask “what did the monster eat?”

“put” and “in/out” – while putting the eyeballs or items in and out of the monster’s mouth

“eat” and “like/don’t like” – to talk about what the monster is eating and if he liked it or not

“more” and “all done” – to feed the monster more or have him say he is all done with eating.

What CORE words would you use during this activity? Share in the comments.

Check out this resource if you need low-tech AAC flipbooks and visuals.

How Would You Use this Monster Prop in Therapy?

Let’s share some other fun ways you would use this monster prop in therapy! Drop your ideas in the comments!

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All the BEST tips for how to use a DIY feed the monster prop in speech therapy!