When January hits, it’s time to pull out the Sneezy the Snowman book in your speech therapy sessions. You can target synonyms, s-blends, CORE words, sequencing skills, and story elements, to name a few skills! If you are doing a snowman theme with your elementary speech therapy caseload, this blog post will hook you up with Sneezy the snowman activities you can use across the ages in your speech therapy groups.

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Where to Find the Sneezy the Snowman Book?

You can head to your local library, Amazon, or find a Sneezy the Snowman read-aloud on YouTube. To have access to the book digitally, Kindle Unlimited has it available when you subscribe as of 01/01/23. Your library may have a digital loaning service with OverDrive or the Libby app to get this book electronically for free!

Sneezy the Snowman Sequencing and Retell

Learn about snowman speech therapy activities that you can pair with Sneezy the Snowman

You need to make a story prop kit to turn the sneezy snowman into an engaging story! Not only can you use the story-retelling props for narrative language, but you can also use them for syntax, basic concepts, yes/no questions, and comprehension.

Sneezy the Snowman Sequencing Ideas

If you decide to do the DIY sneezy snowman story kit, you can work on sequencing what happened in the story (blog post link is above.) For your older students, you can use this free Sneezy the Snowman retelling worksheet from Rowdy in Room 300. After working on sequencing with Sneezy the snowman, you can continue to target sequencing with a snowman theme

Sneezy the Snowman Activities for Speech Therapy

Using this book, you can work on the shades of meaning for the vocabulary cold and hot. On the whiteboard, map out how words can be similar but grow in intensity.

For example, you can discuss the shades of mean for cold such as cool – chilly – cold – freezing.

Discuss with students when you might use those words to help describe a situation or the weather.

To help build depth of knowledge with some tier II vocabulary words in the story, have students fill out a personal dictionary, write the synonyms, and antonyms, use them in a sentence, state a kid-friendly definition, and draw a picture of the word.

Here are some of the vocabulary from the book that would be good for the personal dictionary: gigantic, shiver, new, build, melt, swirl, scoop, and surprise.

Get ideas for using Sneezy the Snowman in your speech therapy sessions.
Find ideas for sneezy the snowman activities you can use with your preschool and elementary students.

For category skills, you can work on winter clothing and sorting hot and cold items

Sneezy the Snowman Crafts

Get ideas for sneezy the snowman crafts to use for speech therapy

Kindergarten Works has some easy Sneezy the Snowman activities using crafts.

For your mixed groups, having articulation and language templates to add to a snowman craft makes any easy extension activity. 

You can also use my free Snowman paper plate craft step-by-step visuals with your younger-aged students. 

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Sneezy the Snowman Activities

Get Sneezy the snowman speech therapy ideas and some free downloads!

Throughout the book, Sneezy drinks something hot and then melts and has to be made brand new. You can play the Build a Snowman game and have kids make their Sneezy “brand new” again. 

Similarly, students can use the snowman file folder activity from my language lesson plans to rebuild Sneezy. You can target any goal with the build-a-snowman file folder activity! Or get a melting snowman toy or other toys for a build a snowman activity.  

What Activities Do You Do With Your Students?

Do you have a particular activity you pair with the book, Sneezy the Snowman? Share in the comments the activity and how you use it to target speech and language goals. 

If you need a Sneezy the snowman lesson plan for your preschool and early elementary students, this blog will help you!