If you are working during the summer months planning a 4th of July themed unit for your speech therapy groups can be easy with all the ideas in this podcast episode! Your students probably celebrated so it’s fresh on their minds. Today, you will get some great 4th of July speech therapy activities that you can use with preschool to middle school students.


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Fourth of July Speech Therapy Activities

Check out the 4th of July speech therapy activities for younger and older students

You can read some books that talk about the 4th of July such as The Night Before the Fourth of July by Natasha Wing or Hats Off for the Fourth of July by Harriet Ziefert

Here are some more patriotic picture books you can use with your caseload. 


Fourth of July videos for Speech Therapy

To explain about the holiday, use YouTube videos with your students. These work really well to keep students motivated especially with your 4th-8th graders. You can upload these videos into EdPuzzle and add in stimulus items for wh-questions, vocabulary, etc. to pause the video and discuss portions of the activity.

Here are some great YouTube videos for speech therapy about the 4th of July holiday:

For your mixed groups, you need to use the Simon’s Cat fireworks YouTube video because you can cover syntax, retelling, figurative language, wh-questions, and more. It’s a lot easier using this wordless short video with my Summer Simon’s Cat cheat sheets

Show your students a clip of real-life fireworks show to demonstrate tier II vocabulary such as gleaming, fascinating, crowd, shimmering, dazzling, flashy, burst, blast, blaring, or deafening

Plan an engaging 4th of July speech therapy activities unit for your preschool through middle school speech therapy caseload.

4th of July Crafts for Speech Therapy

Learn about some fun 4th of July speech therapy crafts and other activities you can pair with them!

Using crafts in speech therapy can help keep your students engaged while working on speech and language goals. Plus, with certain goals, you can naturally target skills without your student knowing they are even working! Here are some crafts you can do:

Additional Speech and Language Activities for 4th of July

Use the song Fireworks by Katy Perry to discuss synonyms, antonyms, etc. 

Brainstorm a word association map about the Fourth of July holiday. You can talk about the foods people eat, the activities we participate in, the clothes we wear, when the holiday happens, etc. 

Need some funny jokes? These jokes from Simply Speech are great for articulation sounds, answering questions, icebreakers, and explaining why it’s funny!

Use some of your leftover 4th of July-themed props from the day’s festivities to work on spatial concepts in speech therapy.

For pretend play, you could use your Little People and have students plan out a parade, BBQ 4th of July party, or going to watch fireworks.

Check Bamboozle or Quizizz for games that work on answering wh-questions, vocabulary, and grammar with a 4th of July theme.  

Plan your next summer-themed speech therapy unit for your preschool to middle school caseload using a 4th of July theme!

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