Planning whole class push-in lessons for your special education classrooms can be stressful because you have a LOT of deadlines before winter break. In this Real Talk SLP podcast episode, I share December special ed lesson plans you can do as a co-teaching activity. Planning engaging Christmas speech and language activities for the whole class doesn’t have to be stressful because you walk away from this episode with fresh ideas for what to plan!

Special Ed Lesson Plans for December

Here are the December whole class special ed lesson plan ideas shared in this episode:

  • Making DIY wrapping paper to use to wrap their homemade crafts or gifts for parents
  • Hot chocolate activity – students can prepare hot chocolate for the school staff and work on functional communication when giving the hot chocolate.
  • Making Christmas trees or winter tree art projects to work on speech and language goals. Read a Christmas tree boo, read a winter tree poem or learn about trees before doing the craft.
  • Go on a gingerbread man or candy cane hunt to work on body in the group, inferencing, and where questions
  • Decorating cookies to work on speech and language skills. Make sure to listen to the episode to hear about my tips for using this as a social pragmatic lesson.
  • Make cinnamon apple sauce ornaments and then they can wrap them up with their DIY wrapping paper.
  • December can be a game theme where each week you teach the students a new game that they could play with their family over the winter break. Listen to the episode to hear my tips for how to pick games.
  • Make gumdrop or marsh mallow towers to see who can make the tallest tower.



Tips for Planning Special Ed Push-In Lessons for December

Remember that some of these Christmas speech therapy lesson plans can be broken into smaller lessons so you can stretch the activities across two or three weeks. This will help you plan for December and not stressing about what you will do each week in your push-in sessions.

Get ideas for planning Christmas special ed lesson plans to use as push-in speech therapy sessions

Resources For Planning Co-Teaching Special Ed Lesson Plans


The key to planning your co-teaching special ed lesson plans is knowing all the job roles of the educators involved. As you are planning your push-in lesson, consider how the activity will be set up. Reviewing different collaborative service models will help you with job roles and expectations.