Welcome to today’s episode, where we chat about sensory bins and their incredible benefits of using sensory bins in your speech therapy sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned SLP or just starting out, sensory bins are a fantastic tool you’ll want to incorporate into your practice. Kids dig them and once you know how to use them, you will too!

What is a Sensory Bin?

Learn what is a sensory bin and how it can cover so many speech and language goals.

So, what exactly is a sensory bin? It’s a tactile experience contained in a storage container filled with various materials that children can manipulate. Think of it as a hands-on way to engage kids and make learning both fun and effective. When choosing a container, make sure it’s large enough for children to explore without spilling everything out— a good-sized storage container usually does the trick.

Exploring the Benefits of a Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are more than just filler activities; they’re powerful tools for learning and development. By engaging the five senses, they help children explore and understand their world. Language skills get a significant boost too, as kids describe items, tell stories, answer “wh” questions, and use verbs in context.

Social skills also get a lift. Sensory bins encourage turn-taking, initiating interactions, requesting, conversing, and engaging in pretend play. They are excellent for fostering social interactions in a natural, playful setting.

Cognitively, sensory bins introduce concepts like color mixing and gravity, supporting children’s understanding through hands-on exploration. Additionally, they aid in developing executive functioning skills such as waiting, body awareness, attention, and focus.

Tips for using preschool sensory bins in speech therapy, all the benefits of why to use them!

Practical Ways Sensory Bins Support Speech and Language Skills

Get information about the benefits of a sensory bin for speech therapy sessions

Sensory bins integrate motor movements and support the development of schemas, enriching pretend play scenarios. They provide numerous opportunities for kids to practice and improve their speech and language skills naturally, making therapy sessions more engaging and effective.

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Top benefits of a sensory bin in your play-based speech therapy sessions

Get Started With Speech Therapy Sensory Bins

What is a sensory bin and how to use them in speech therapy

Sensory bins are an invaluable tool in speech therapy, offering endless benefits from language development to social skills and beyond. Don’t miss our webinar to delve deeper into creating effective sensory bins and expanding your therapeutic toolkit.

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