Best CH Articulation Games For Sound-Loaded Practice

Best CH Articulation Games For Sound-Loaded Practice

“Are we going to play a game today?” Words that many (if not most) pediatric SLPs hear at least one time a week. Games are a fun, low prep way to keep students engaged while working on their target sounds. For many school based SLPs, this is also a great way to work on several sounds in groups. I’ve compiled a list of CH articulation games to share with you! Keep in mind, you can make many of these games work for other sounds, too!


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CH Articulation Games for Preschool & Early Elementary

Get ideas for CH articulation games to get high trials in your sessions.

Here are some fun ch speech therapy games that will help you get high trials…


  • Hi Ho! Cherry-O is a classic game in which children spin the wheel, collect cherries for their bucket OR put cherries back. Students can practice the word “cherry” and practice the word in phrases and sentences, too. For example, they might practice “Two cherries” or “I have two cherries.” Students can also give you or other students directions like “Put two cherries back” or “Get three cherries.” There is a speech therapy cheat sheet for this game in the toy companion resource in my TPT store


  • In What Do You Meme? Toe Cheese Chase, students will flip cards and move across the board to outrun Toe Cheese. Students can practice “Get away Toe Cheese!” and “You can’t catch me!” Practice words such as cheese, chase, catch, touch and reach. A fun, simple game that will keep students engaged while practicing their ch sound!


    More CH Speech Therapy Games For Younger Students

    • Play Reel Big Catch with your students! They’ll catch fish and check how long the fish are. Which student caught the biggest fish? Students can practice “I want to catch a fish!” or “Let’s check how big the fish is.”


    • Chase is on the case for ch practice! Save Chase in Paw Patrol Don’t Drop Chase Game, which has similar rules to “Don’t Break the Ice.” Students can practice Chase in different sentences like “Don’t drop Chase” or “Chase is safe!” They can also “chip” away at all the ice. Ice is chilly so we don’t want Chase to fall! Which ice will they choose to hammer?


    • Chugga Choo is puzzle game in which children flip cards and match the trains based on color. Before flipping over a piece, your student(s) can practice “chugga chugga choo choo!” then practice “match the trains!” when they find the matching color. A simple but fun way to practice the ch sound while also working on other developmental skills.
    Great CH speech therapy games for getting high trials!

    SH and CH Speech Therapy Activities

    If you need more sound-loaded ch activities check out the SH, CH, and J articulation flipbooks and the SH, CH and J articulation carryover activities. They are designed to make sure you get LOTS of high trials in your speech sound sessions!

    CH Sound Speech Therapy Games for Older Students

    Get CH articulation activity ideas using sound-loaded speech therapy games!
    • Chompin’ Charlie is an exciting game in which students roll the dice and feed Charlie (the chipmunk) a matching colored acorn. Watch out for when he pops because the acorns will scatter from Charlie’s tree because you’ll want to reach and catch them to add to your secret stash! Students can practice these bolded words to practice their ch sounds in words and sentences.


    • Another classic, Go Fish, is also a fun way for children of all ages to practice the ch sound. Change the name of the game to “Get a catch.” Instead of saying “Go fish,” students can say “Choose a card.” You can also practice “I found a match!” Use these free Go Fish visual rules to help your students when playing!


    • Catch the Fox is a silly game in which children put chickens in the fox’s pockets and press down on his head. Suddenly, the fox will lose his panda which sends the chickens flying. The kids have to catch the chickens and return them to their chicken coops. When students roll the die, they can practice saying “chicken,” expand to phrases “two chickens,” or make a sentence with “I need to get two chickens.” Between turns, students can remind each other to “Watch out!” After they catch chickens, they can share how many chickens are in their coops.
    • Play What’s in Ned’s Head? And use items that have CH in them! For example, find figurines or mini objects  for cheese, cherries, wrench, ostrich, sandwich, statue, peaches, ketchup, cheeseburger, chipmunk, chair, bench, nachos. Come up with describing words like moldy cheese, rotten cherries, sour peaches, etc or have sound-loaded phrases such as I touched ____ I reached for the ____, I chose the ______.

    CH Articulation Games Online

    • For some online fun, complete the Baby chick maze! The chick hatches then needs to search for it’s mom. Students will have to “Watch out!” for logs and worms. This can be a challenge to reach  the mom. 


    • Play Online checkers with your students. Practice the word checkers when explaining the directions, “In checkers…” and pieces must reach the other side. Which checker will you choose to move? Which direction will your checker move? You can also buy Checkers for hands on play!


    • While ABCYa’s Make a Treehouse doesn’t have a CH sound built into it’s name. It has some opportunities for CH practice like “I choose this piece” or “Which do you choose?” The activity also requires choosing furniture. ABCYa has many other activities that involve making choices, too!
    Get ideas for ch speech therapy online games for teletherapy.

    Sh and Ch Games for Articulation Therapy

    Get ideas for sh and ch sound speech therapy games.

    There are so many fun and engaging CH articulation games that you can use with your students. Like I said before, we get asked “what game are we playing” so often, it’s nice to have plenty of options to choose from! What CH articulation games do you play with your students? Leave a comment or share with us on social media! If you have students working on SH, we have a list for the best SH sound-loaded games too.

    Best SH Articulation Games For High Trials & Motivation

    Best SH Articulation Games For High Trials & Motivation

    My nephew recently yelled “Shh!” to me while holding his finger (horizontally) in front of his lips. At first, it made me laugh but then I thought “Aha!” he’s got the /sh/ sound! These “Aha!” or “Ta Da!” moments are so exciting to watch as caregivers as well as speech therapists. It made me think of the students working on this “sh” sound. They work so hard on this sound during each session for these “Aha” moments. I love to use engaging, functional and motivating activities to help them keep practicing and eventually have their own “Ta Da!” moments. I have plenty of fun SH articulation games that I wanted to share with you, plus some new ones that I brainstormed, too. 

    This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    Here are some ideas for you to use in speech therapy when working on the sh sound.

    SH Articulation Games for Preschool & Elementary

    Shark Bite is a fun game for “Shark Week” or “Ocean animals” theme, but can also be used at any time of year. 

    • You and/or your students take turns rolling the die and fishing for sea creatures using a fishing pole BUT you never know when the shark will bite. 
    • This game obviously allows for great practice of /sh/ initial words like “shark” or “sharp teeth.” You can also practice /sh/ in the medial or final positions by prompting students to practice words/phrases such as “fish,” “fishing,” “I/you fish,” and “I am fishing.”
    • Talk more about: Sharks live in the ocean. They make splashes!


    A classic card game, Go Fish is another fun way to work on the /sh/ sound. 

    • While the target sound is right in the name and script of the game, I also shared New Ways to Play Go Fish in Speech Therapy in my blog. 
    • I found this fun adaptation of Go Shark on Amazon. While again, the targets are in the name and script, you could also use phrases like “Show me your card” or “I wish I got __.” You could also ask students to describe the shark like “Big shark” or “scary shark.”


    Fun SH games for speech therapy with free Go Fish rules visual

    More Ocean Themed Games for Speech Therapy to Work on the SH Sound

    Get ideas for SH speech therapy games you can use to get high trials in speech.

    One of the first games I bought for my speech room: Let’s Go Fishin’. Don’t forget batteries for this one! 

    • I like to turn this game off and on and have students tell me to “Push” the switch or “Shut it off!”
    • Before they start fishing, we’ll practice phrases like “Time to fish!” or “I’ll get the __ fish!”
    • After we “shut the game off,” we’ll practice phrases like “Show me your fish!” or “I have (number/color) fish.”


    I was so excited when I found Sophie’s Seashell Scramble last summer, and so were my students! 

    • Similar to “Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game,” students spin one wheel and have to collect seashells and starfish for Sophie the otter. This game adds another challenge in matching patterns. 
    • Some sh initial words to practice during this game include “shell,” “she” when talking about Sophie, “share” when you have to share with a friend” and talking about the “shapes” on each starfish or shell. You can also practice /sh/ in the medial and final positions of “seashell” and “starfish.”
    • Need more words to practice? Incorporate questions that “sure” may be the answer! Re-name “Sophie” to a name like Shonda, Shelly, Michelle or Shayna. 

    Speech Therapy Games for SH Sound with Ships

    Battle Ship is another fun SH articulation game for older students. Pro tip? This game may take extra time so play a modified version so you can “finish” the game in one session. 

    • Practice the word “ship” by itself or “battle ship” to work on /sh/ in the medial position. 
    • You can practice phrases like “That shot fell short!,” “I wish you didn’t sink my ship!” and “That was an ambush!”


    Last but certainly not least, Don’t Rock the boat, is another fun way to practice the /sh/ sound. This is fun for a pirate, penguin or transportation theme.

    • Change the name of the game to “Don’t rock the SHIP!” and talk about what the ship does. Does it “crash?”
    • Students can choose what pirate they’d like to use–some are “short.” Then, ask students “Should you put a pirate there?” and they can answer “I should/should not.”
    • Students “should not rush” so the pirates and ship don’t “crash” or “smash!”
    • During a pirate theme, practice a silly phrase like “shiver me timbers!”
    Get ideas for speech therapy games you can use to target the SH sound.

    SH Words You Can Target With These Popular Games

    Find fun sh articulation activities using sound-loaded games!

    My students and I love Chutes and Ladders. It keeps students on their toes and has many practice opportunities. Check out my  toy companion cheat sheet for this game or the full set of toy companion sheet. Make sure to explain to students what the “chutes” are. You can also grab the full set on TPT

    • Some ideas to use as targets for this SH articulation game: “Is the chute/ladder short or tall?” “Dash up the ladder!” “I wish I didn’t have to go down the slide.” 
    • You can also talk about what the children on the game board are doing…For example, one child dropped the dishes and another child’s ball smashed into a window.


    Play Headbanz and only put SH words in the headbands! 

    • Look through the deck of cards provided, or make your own deck of cards with /sh/ words. 
    • Are you or your students “shocked” at how easy or difficult it is? 
    • Students can tell you to “Show” them the card.


    Who doesn’t love candyland? Play this classic but call it “sugarland”!

    • There is also a toy companion cheat sheet for this in my sets.
    • Hold the cards and have students request “Please show me my card.”
    • Talk about all the “sugary” treats on the board and the “shiny” jewels some of the characters have.
    • Are students able to find or land on any of the “shortcuts?” What colors are they “wishing” for?

    Even more SH articulation game ideas!

    Shelby’s Snack Shack is another fun game similar to Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. This is great for a pet/dog theme but of course can be used year round. The key to use SH articulation games to get high trials is to come up with sound-loaded phrases.

    • Spin two wheels and then collect bones from “Shelby’s Snack Shack.” Two great targets right in the name of the game! Who is selling bones? Shelby! Where? Her shack! Where is her shack? On the seashore! You can also talk about “shopping” 
    • Plus, every time a student gets a bone, they have to put it in their “dish.”
    • For more practice, talk about what the children see on the beach including some “fish” in the “ocean.” 


    The game Perfection allows for practice of /sh/ in all positions of words. 

    • Before taking their turn, talk about the “shape” of the piece or students can practice “Put the shape in.”
    • Then, students have to “push” or “shove” the pieces in.
    • When students put a piece in, was it “perfection” or did “The pieces shoot out!”?
    Find speech therapy SH sound games you can do in your articulation and phonology sessions

    DIY Games Speech Therapy You Can Play

    Get a great list of SH games for speech therapy!

    If you are on a budget, here are some SH articulation games you can make with stuff you have on hand. While you can buy your own Charades for Kids, you can also make your own with /sh/ words.

    • For the store bought game, students not acting things out can practice calling “Action!” or “Time for the show!”
    • Participants can remind others “Shhh, just show us!” so they don’t use words when acting things out. 
    • To make your own “sh” charades game, use words like: fish(ing), crash, hush, brush, washing dishes, shark, shrink, shout, shut the door, and shopping. 


    You can also play trash can game

    • Crumble up paper, put out a trashcan and have kids try to shoot the paper into the trash can. 
    • Do carrier phrases “I am going to shoot” “I shot it” or “It’s in the trash can.”
    • Make a sensory bin and have students clean up the “trash” and put it in a “trash can.” The “trash” can be “sh” picture cards or mini objects. 

    Remember This When You Are Shopping for Games

    SH articulation games can be so easy and fun to use! A lot of these ideas have great options for groups with mixed goals which is always a plus! Remember you don’t have to buy ALL these game recommendations. Get the ones that fit your budget, student interest or will be the most versatile for other speech therapy goals. How do you practice the /sh/ sound with your students? I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas!

    Get ideas for SH articulation games to use with your elementary speech therapy students.
    How to Use Zingo in Speech Therapy

    How to Use Zingo in Speech Therapy

    When working with students in mixed groups, it’s great to pull out games for speech therapy sessions. We often use board games as a reinforcer for practicing a goal. You know the typical way of rolling the die, practicing their goal, moving their game piece, and then letting the next student take their turn. Sound familiar? That can be super effective for practicing speech and language skills, but what if we could use board games as speech therapy tools? Today, I will share how to use the Zingo game for speech therapy goals. With these easy suggestions, you can turn the game into a Zingo speech therapy activity. 

    Where to Find the Zingo Game


    If your students love playing BINGO, they will love the twist of the Zingo game. I found this game at a thrift store, but if you want to avoid hunting around for it, grab it on Amazon (an affiliate link is included for your convenience.) In case you didn’t know, ThinkFun has an expansion pack with new words and cards. 

    Using the Zingo 1-2-3 game would be super easy for your students with speech sound goals to get those high trials. Every time your student matches a number on their board, that’s how many times they have to practice their target speech sound. For more high-trial therapy ideas, head to this blog post

    To help you adapt the game for receptive and expressive language goals and articulation and phonology goals, use the two-page toy companion cheat sheet with the game! It helps save brain energy as you navigate mixed groups with this speech therapy game. 

    Zingo Speech Therapy Practice for Z words

    It’s a no-brainer that this game has a lot of embedded practice for z words, just with the title alone.

    Whenever students find a tile, they can say, “I got a zinger.” or “I can’t wait to yell Zingo!”

    You can put the Zingo tiles on the table for a play-based speech therapy activity and have students zoom their cars past the items. They can say “I zoomed past the dog.” Or, you can have a magician zap the tiles to disappear!

    You can also create sound-loaded carrier phrases and use the Zingo tiles as the fill-in-the-blank item.

    For example, if your student works on r-blends, you can write a sound-loaded sentence such as “Grayson grabs a/an ______.” Use the Zingo tiles to fill in what Grayson grabs.

    Use these done for your sound-loaded sentence strips in my TPT store to save you time!

     Rock Chalk Speech Talk shares so great ways to use this game for other sounds and apraxia goals. Check it out HERE


    Ideas for Mixed Groups Articulation and Language

    Frequently we have mixed groups with articulation and language goals. Here are some ideas for using this game with those types of goals.

    Work on yes/no questions for the tiles. For your speech sound students ask them if the object has their speech sound. Use the free yes/no visuals from the Ultimate Articulation Carryover Guide.

    Grab your figurines toys sets like these Little People community helpers and put them on your mats, covering the object. Then, you can ask “who” and “what” questions such as “Who has the duck?” After they find their item, have students describe the item by attributes. You can use this describing poster from the articulation game for describing words. Have younger students look under the figurines to see what they find. You can target CORE words for look, see, under, and what, or build simple sentence structures for “I see _____.”

    Teaching Tier II Vocabulary With the Zingo Speech Therapy Game

    Before playing the Zingo game, teach your students some tier II vocabulary words that can be relatable to the game.=

    For example, the word reveal means to uncover or to show what is hidden.

    With the Zingo game, the game tiles are hidden. When you slide the game handle, it reveals which two tiles are next in the game.

    First, have your students complete a personal dictionary sheet with the word reveal. Then, tell them while we play Zingo, we will practice using “reveal” in sentences while playing the game.

    Because there is a personal connection to the tier II vocabulary word, students will better understand how to use the word. If you need personal dictionary sheets, these are available in the Themed Therapy SLP membership in the bonus section.

    For more tier II vocabulary words to use with the game, reference the Zingo toy companion cheat sheet.

    How do you use the Zingo Game in Speech Therapy?

    Isn’t it the best when you have many ideas for using one speech therapy game? When we can adapt one board game to cover speech and language goals, it makes planning therapy easier. So, it’s your turn. How do you use the Zingo game with your students? Share your ideas or tips to make this game functional for speech and language goals! Make sure to tag me @thedabblingspeechie if you use Zingo in speech therapy!

    To learn about more speech therapy games, head to this blog post

    Best S-blends Speech Therapy Games for Articulation & Phonology

    Best S-blends Speech Therapy Games for Articulation & Phonology

    Sometimes our students with speech sound disorders are NOT digging our drill and kill activities. And, if our students aren’t motivated to practice their speech sound goals, progress suffers. What if I told you that there are games that are sound loaded to help you embed a LOT of practice with your student’s goals? In this blog post, I will share the BEST s-blends speech therapy games to get high trials in your speech sessions.

    Tips for Targeting S-blends Words With Games

    When you pull out a therapy game, you want to find ways to use the game pieces to target s-blends before playing, during, and after the game is over.

    One of the easiest ways is to have your students practice a set of words or phrases before taking each turn.

    Or, you can have a list of s-blends related to the game to have your students say while playing.

    I pull out my toy and game cheat sheet to help me remember s-blend targets to use with a game. It helps save so much brain energy and keeps therapy moving along.


    Play-Based Articulation Activities Made Easier

    Have an articulation activities cheat sheet for playing Chutes and ladders for s-blend words.
    Have an articulation activities cheat sheet for playing Sneaky Snacky Squirrel with s-blend words.
    Have an articulation activities cheat sheet for playing Yeti in My Spaghetti with s-blend words

    The easiest way to remember speech sound targets while playing games in your articulation therapy sessions is having a cheat sheet! It can be so hard to think of s-blend words or other speech sounds in the moment. That’s why these toy and game companion cheat sheets are so helpful. They come with articulation words lists for each toy or game. Not only can you target a bunch of s-blend words, but there are lists of words for K, G, S, Z, L, R, TH, SH, CH, etc.

    S-blends Speech Therapy Game #1 – Yeti in My Spaghetti

    Get high trials in your speech therapy sessions with s-blends games listed in this blog post!

    The title alone of this game makes it great to use in therapy! Yeti in My Spaghetti has several sound-loaded carrier phrases listed as follows:

    • Grab a spaghetti
    • Stay on top!
    • Slippery spaghetti
    • Keep steady!

    You can also name your yeti a name with an s-blend consonant cluster you are trying to target with students. Here are some fun s-blend names for your Yeti in My Spaghetti game:

    • Scooter bug
    • Sneaky Pete
    • Scooby-Doo
    • Spud muffin
    • Spike
    • Snickerdoodle
    • Spencer
    • Stephen
    • Stella
    • Skyler

    #2 Using Greedy Granny to Sneak in Some Articulation & Phonology Practice

    Although the title of this game is “Greedy Granny” which has NO s-blend words, there are a lot of sound-loaded phrases that can be used while playing this articulation game. Because you have a spinner with this game, you can have students say, “I need to spin” or “Time to spin” before each turn.

    Some other s-blend words that you can infuse into the gameplay are listed as follows:


    #3 The s-blends speech therapy game you probably play often!

    Candyland has many s-blend words on the game board. While your students move along the Candyland board, you can target stuck, spaces, sweet, swamp, step, stone, snowflake, and swirl.

    Each turn, you can have students practice their s-blend words for the number of spaces they moved. For example, if they picked an orange card and moved up five spaces, they could practice five words. For every turn, you can have them say, “I stepped on the orange square.” or whatever color they landed on the board game.

    #4 S-blends Words Speech Therapy Game with Chutes N’ Ladders

    The chutes and ladders game has lots of s-blend opportunities. If they land at the top of a chute or bottom of a ladder, you can have them practice their s-blends 10 or 20 times, depending on your rule. But if you need to embed s-blend words into your student’s turns, here is a list I came up with that would work well:


    I also found a Spiderman chute and ladder, perfect for Marvel comic fans and has a bonus s-blend word!

    This game makes it so easy to target s-blends


    To get more trials with Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, you can have students earn an acorn for every production. Once they have all their acorns, you can play the game.

    Then, during the game, you can have them use phrases such as “Spin me something good!” or “Stay away, sneaky squirrel.”

    If you have a plush squirrel, or a squirrel mouth printable, you can have your students practice their s-blends while feeding the squirrel the acorns. You can have your students say, “Here’s a tasty snack.” or “I snatched an acorn for you.” as they feed the squirrel.

    All of these s-blends speech therapy games have a cheat sheet in the toy companion resource to help jog your memory when you are in therapy with your students. 

    What games do you love to use to target s-blend words?

    If you can’t tell, I love using games to adapt in therapy for speech sound disorders. That’s why if you have a game that you love to use to target s-blends, let me know in the comments.

    Keeping our students motivated to practice their speech sounds can be much easier when we find something they love! Get more therapy ideas for getting high trials in your articulation and phonology sessions so you can see the generalization you want quicker!

    FREE Winter Snowball Fight Speech Therapy Game

    FREE Winter Snowball Fight Speech Therapy Game

    Nothing is worse than a lackluster mixed group session. Am I right or am I right? When you start to plan a winter-themed unit, you always want to include a general open-ended game or reinforcer that you can use across groups. By having one main game or activity as an incentive, you don’t have to come up with new games every week. Today, I wanted to show you how to use this winter snowball fight activity as a speech therapy reinforcer. Better yet, there are some functional goals and CORE words you can target with it too!

    What You Need for the Winter Snowball Fight Speech Therapy Reinforcer

    To create your winter snowball fight activity, you need a few items. Hopefully, you have some or all of the supplies, so it won’t cost you much money. Here are some materials you need (Amazon affiliate links included):

    -Container to hold the snowballs

    Binder clips or photo holders

    Cotton balls

    FREE Elf and Yeti Printables

    Download your FREE Elf and Yeti Snowball Fight Printables

    Have a fun winter open-ended game for speech therapy using this FREE winter snowball fight reinforcer!

    Free Winter Speech Therapy Game Rules

    Have a fun Christmas speech therapy activity with this Elf game!

    Print the elves or yeti’s on cardstock and laminate for durability. Attach each printable to a binder clip or photo holder. Students can earn “snowballs” after each turn practicing their speech or language target. You can either give them a set amount each turn or they can roll a die to see how many they collect.

    Then, when all the snowballs are collected, students can have a snowball fight trying to knock down the elves or yetis. You could set up two games and have students do elves versus yetis. See which team can knock down all their players first. Have each student take a turn to throw a snowball. 

    To add another variation, you can write different numbers with dry-erase markers on the back of the cards. Have some cards that have unique numbers like subtract 10 points or double your points. When a student knocks down the player card, they get to see how many points they earned. The person with the most points at the end wins the game.  

    Make it a Fun Christmas Speech And Language Activity

    For SLPs, doing a Christmas Theme using the Elf version will go well with your lessons. You can pair it with Buddy the Elf movie clips or read an elf-themed book and use this as an extension activity. Here are some Elf book recommendations:

    Use this free Christmas speech therapy game in your articulation and language groups.

    How To Use the Winter Game in Group Speech Therapy

    Use this free winter speech therapy game with yetis for any speech or language goal!

    How would you use this snowball fight to cover goals for your students on your caseload? Share in the comments your therapy ideas!

    If you need a winter themed version of this, check out the winter language lesson plan guides for printables. 

    Not only can you use this as an open-ended game for any goal, you can also adapt to cover students goals with a fun, hands on play activity. 

    You can work on verbs, describing the yetis and elves, and answer simple “Who” questions.

    Work on CORE words, turn-taking, or making a funny snowball fight story.

    Download your FREE Elf and Yeti Snowball Fight Printables

    Use this free winter activity for your speech therapy groups!

    Easy Ways to Adapt This Activity With Other Task Cards

    If you have other printables, add them to the binder clips and have a snowball fight the last five minutes of the session. With your students working on speech sound disorder goals, put their target word flashcards on binder clips and knock them down. Whatever card falls, that’s the one they need to practice. See the winter sensory bin companion for some winter-themed printables to do this in your therapy sessions. 

    Blog Posts with MORE Winter Speech Therapy Ideas

    When planning by themes, it can get a bit overwhelming searching for activities you need. Fortunately for you, I have a LOT of blog posts about winter.

    This is one of my fave seasons to use because there is so much theme smashing you can do between clothing, weather, transportation, and activities.

    Check out these blog posts:

    Ideas for Winter Crafts to Use in Speech

    Winter Sequencing Short Stories for Speech Therapy

    Winter Activities for Speech Therapy

    Real Talk SLP Podcasts:

    5 Winter-Themed Books for Mod-Severe Caseloads

    Winter YouTube Videos for Older Students


    Use this free yeti speech therapy game with your yeti theme or winter activities.
    10 Ways to Use a Pizza Toy Set in Speech

    10 Ways to Use a Pizza Toy Set in Speech

    Making time for play therapy in your lesson plan is a great way to have your student work on their language in a functional and engaging way. Kids love to play, and they also love pizza! Which makes these pizza toy sets a must-have tool for your speech therapy session. Use these pizza toy sets to target a variety of language and speech goals through play!

    Where Can I Buy a Pizza Toy Set for Speech Therapy?


    There are a few different pizza toy sets available online. All of the ones I’m suggesting below can be found on Amazon, but you might be able to find them at stores like Target, too. The links below are Amazon affiliate links for your convenience in which I receive a small commission when you click at no additional cost to you.

    It can be fun to play pizza delivery or eating at a pizza restaurant with this Melissa and Doug Wooden Pizza Counter. If you want a felt version, there is this set for under $20. Working on pretending to go to a pizza party, you can grab this pizza party set HERE. For a more tactile pizza play activity, you can use the Playdoh pizza set.


    Incorporate a pizza toy set into your speech therapy sessions to increase engagement and opportunities for meaningful practice on speech and language goals.

    Play-Based Speech and Language Toy Companion Cheat Sheets

    Need a cheat sheet guide to help you with targeting wh- questions, Tier II vocabulary, articulation, basic concepts, adjectives, and helpful therapy ideas for toys you use during play-based therapy? Grab this Toy Companion Cheat Sheet Guide for Prek-2nd grade and have stimulus targets mapped out for 25 different toys. 

    You can save brain energy while effectively using toys to target your student’s speech or language goals. Use these cheat sheets so that you can have FUN in therapy too!

    Incorporate a pizza toy set into your speech therapy sessions to increase engagement and opportunities for meaningful practice on speech and language goals.
     Incorporate a pizza toy set into your speech therapy sessions to increase engagement and opportunities for meaningful practice on speech and language goals.

    Using a Pizza Toy Set in Play-Based Speech Therapy

    Incorporate a pizza toy set into your speech therapy sessions to increase engagement and opportunities for meaningful practice on speech and language goals.

    A pizza toy set can be used to target so many speech and language skills! Listed below are some of my favorite ways to engage children in these skills:

    1. Use the pizza toppings and pieces to work on following directions and sequencing the steps to make a pizza.

    2. Describe the ingredients and sort the items into category groups: appliances, utensils, food, meat, veggies, dairy, etc.

    3. Put the pizza toppings on flashcards and students pick a topping. Then, have the student practice their target. Use silly sentences such as “The rabbit ate the pepperoni.”

    4. Practice turn taking and perspective taking by having the child prepare a pizza for someone else. Work on initiation for questions and comments.

    5. Have things go wrong while making the pizza by having it burn, dropping the pizza, running out of toppings, and expressing dislike such as yuck for toppings.

    More Therapy Ideas Using a Cookie Toy Set

      6. Act out different verbs and vocabulary with gestures such as devour, smell, hot, chew, mix, etc.

      7. Talk about which pizzas have more/less/few/none.

      8. Discuss the social rules for going to a pizzeria.

      9. Use toppings for phonological awareness cues or tapping out multi-syllabic words.

      10. Have your students feed different items pizza. You can work on building sentences, answering “who” and “what” questions and turn taking.

      Incorporate a pizza toy set into your speech therapy sessions to increase engagement and opportunities for meaningful practice on speech and language goals.

      More Toys to Use in Play Therapy

      Incorporate a pizza toy set into your speech therapy sessions to increase engagement and opportunities for meaningful practice on speech and language goals.

      If you are loving all these toy ideas for play therapy, you can read more blog posts on some of my favorite toys to use in therapy.

      When I pull out a toy knowing the purpose of how I will use it to cover goals, I feel confident with my therapy choice. It’s okay to put the worksheets away if you are FUNctionally using toys to target speech and language goals.

      Your students will probably be more engaged with your lesson for the day!

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      How Do You Use a Pizza Toy Set in Speech Therapy?


      Do you have a fun way to engage your students with a pizza toy set in speech therapy? Share in the comments, tag me on Instagram @thedabblingspeechie, or email me at fe*********@th*****************.com.