My nephew recently yelled “Shh!” to me while holding his finger (horizontally) in front of his lips. At first, it made me laugh but then I thought “Aha!” he’s got the /sh/ sound! These “Aha!” or “Ta Da!” moments are so exciting to watch as caregivers as well as speech therapists. It made me think of the students working on this “sh” sound. They work so hard on this sound during each session for these “Aha” moments. I love to use engaging, functional and motivating activities to help them keep practicing and eventually have their own “Ta Da!” moments. I have plenty of fun SH articulation games that I wanted to share with you, plus some new ones that I brainstormed, too. 

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Here are some ideas for you to use in speech therapy when working on the sh sound.

SH Articulation Games for Preschool & Elementary

Shark Bite is a fun game for “Shark Week” or “Ocean animals” theme, but can also be used at any time of year. 

  • You and/or your students take turns rolling the die and fishing for sea creatures using a fishing pole BUT you never know when the shark will bite. 
  • This game obviously allows for great practice of /sh/ initial words like “shark” or “sharp teeth.” You can also practice /sh/ in the medial or final positions by prompting students to practice words/phrases such as “fish,” “fishing,” “I/you fish,” and “I am fishing.”
  • Talk more about: Sharks live in the ocean. They make splashes!


A classic card game, Go Fish is another fun way to work on the /sh/ sound. 

  • While the target sound is right in the name and script of the game, I also shared New Ways to Play Go Fish in Speech Therapy in my blog. 
  • I found this fun adaptation of Go Shark on Amazon. While again, the targets are in the name and script, you could also use phrases like “Show me your card” or “I wish I got __.” You could also ask students to describe the shark like “Big shark” or “scary shark.”


Fun SH games for speech therapy with free Go Fish rules visual

More Ocean Themed Games for Speech Therapy to Work on the SH Sound

Get ideas for SH speech therapy games you can use to get high trials in speech.

One of the first games I bought for my speech room: Let’s Go Fishin’. Don’t forget batteries for this one! 

  • I like to turn this game off and on and have students tell me to “Push” the switch or “Shut it off!”
  • Before they start fishing, we’ll practice phrases like “Time to fish!” or “I’ll get the __ fish!”
  • After we “shut the game off,” we’ll practice phrases like “Show me your fish!” or “I have (number/color) fish.”


I was so excited when I found Sophie’s Seashell Scramble last summer, and so were my students! 

  • Similar to “Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game,” students spin one wheel and have to collect seashells and starfish for Sophie the otter. This game adds another challenge in matching patterns. 
  • Some sh initial words to practice during this game include “shell,” “she” when talking about Sophie, “share” when you have to share with a friend” and talking about the “shapes” on each starfish or shell. You can also practice /sh/ in the medial and final positions of “seashell” and “starfish.”
  • Need more words to practice? Incorporate questions that “sure” may be the answer! Re-name “Sophie” to a name like Shonda, Shelly, Michelle or Shayna. 

Speech Therapy Games for SH Sound with Ships

Battle Ship is another fun SH articulation game for older students. Pro tip? This game may take extra time so play a modified version so you can “finish” the game in one session. 

  • Practice the word “ship” by itself or “battle ship” to work on /sh/ in the medial position. 
  • You can practice phrases like “That shot fell short!,” “I wish you didn’t sink my ship!” and “That was an ambush!”


Last but certainly not least, Don’t Rock the boat, is another fun way to practice the /sh/ sound. This is fun for a pirate, penguin or transportation theme.

  • Change the name of the game to “Don’t rock the SHIP!” and talk about what the ship does. Does it “crash?”
  • Students can choose what pirate they’d like to use–some are “short.” Then, ask students “Should you put a pirate there?” and they can answer “I should/should not.”
  • Students “should not rush” so the pirates and ship don’t “crash” or “smash!”
  • During a pirate theme, practice a silly phrase like “shiver me timbers!”
Get ideas for speech therapy games you can use to target the SH sound.

SH Words You Can Target With These Popular Games

Find fun sh articulation activities using sound-loaded games!

My students and I love Chutes and Ladders. It keeps students on their toes and has many practice opportunities. Check out my  toy companion cheat sheet for this game or the full set of toy companion sheet. Make sure to explain to students what the “chutes” are. You can also grab the full set on TPT

  • Some ideas to use as targets for this SH articulation game: “Is the chute/ladder short or tall?” “Dash up the ladder!” “I wish I didn’t have to go down the slide.” 
  • You can also talk about what the children on the game board are doing…For example, one child dropped the dishes and another child’s ball smashed into a window.


Play Headbanz and only put SH words in the headbands! 

  • Look through the deck of cards provided, or make your own deck of cards with /sh/ words. 
  • Are you or your students “shocked” at how easy or difficult it is? 
  • Students can tell you to “Show” them the card.


Who doesn’t love candyland? Play this classic but call it “sugarland”!

  • There is also a toy companion cheat sheet for this in my sets.
  • Hold the cards and have students request “Please show me my card.”
  • Talk about all the “sugary” treats on the board and the “shiny” jewels some of the characters have.
  • Are students able to find or land on any of the “shortcuts?” What colors are they “wishing” for?

Even more SH articulation game ideas!

Shelby’s Snack Shack is another fun game similar to Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. This is great for a pet/dog theme but of course can be used year round. The key to use SH articulation games to get high trials is to come up with sound-loaded phrases.

  • Spin two wheels and then collect bones from “Shelby’s Snack Shack.” Two great targets right in the name of the game! Who is selling bones? Shelby! Where? Her shack! Where is her shack? On the seashore! You can also talk about “shopping” 
  • Plus, every time a student gets a bone, they have to put it in their “dish.”
  • For more practice, talk about what the children see on the beach including some “fish” in the “ocean.” 


The game Perfection allows for practice of /sh/ in all positions of words. 

  • Before taking their turn, talk about the “shape” of the piece or students can practice “Put the shape in.”
  • Then, students have to “push” or “shove” the pieces in.
  • When students put a piece in, was it “perfection” or did “The pieces shoot out!”?
Find speech therapy SH sound games you can do in your articulation and phonology sessions

DIY Games Speech Therapy You Can Play

Get a great list of SH games for speech therapy!

If you are on a budget, here are some SH articulation games you can make with stuff you have on hand. While you can buy your own Charades for Kids, you can also make your own with /sh/ words.

  • For the store bought game, students not acting things out can practice calling “Action!” or “Time for the show!”
  • Participants can remind others “Shhh, just show us!” so they don’t use words when acting things out. 
  • To make your own “sh” charades game, use words like: fish(ing), crash, hush, brush, washing dishes, shark, shrink, shout, shut the door, and shopping. 


You can also play trash can game

  • Crumble up paper, put out a trashcan and have kids try to shoot the paper into the trash can. 
  • Do carrier phrases “I am going to shoot” “I shot it” or “It’s in the trash can.”
  • Make a sensory bin and have students clean up the “trash” and put it in a “trash can.” The “trash” can be “sh” picture cards or mini objects. 

Remember This When You Are Shopping for Games

SH articulation games can be so easy and fun to use! A lot of these ideas have great options for groups with mixed goals which is always a plus! Remember you don’t have to buy ALL these game recommendations. Get the ones that fit your budget, student interest or will be the most versatile for other speech therapy goals. How do you practice the /sh/ sound with your students? I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas!

Get ideas for SH articulation games to use with your elementary speech therapy students.