If you aren’t following me on INSTAGRAM, you need to get on there!  I share lots of photos about my therapy, life, new products and of course “quick tips” to help you maximize your organization and therapy skills!  Here are some of my “quick tips” I have been sharing lately! (Amazon affiliate links included for your convenience)

Need some quick tips for organization? Here are organizational tips for your speech materials.

Keep frequently used materials visible

1922208_621904217932763_4995042945632956848_nI found these magnet hooks on amazon and decided to grab them!  You get 8 for under $10 and they stick on my filing cabinet very securely.  I am now hanging task card decks, my artic word lists and any other visuals that I frequently use for easy access and clutter free storage!

2014-12-30 22.16.28I like to stick all my themed materials in one spot for easy access!  I just discovered these Globe Weis Poly Zip Envelopes and they are perfect!  They are bigger than plastic bags and you can close them up with a zipper.  They are pretty sturdy plastic, so I am not worried they will rip.

2014-09-21 09.39.54Plastic pocket pouches from amazon has made prepping for therapy a breeze!  As most of you know, I love print n’ go materials (Make packets for every season!) and I don’t always want to make tons of copies of the same worksheet.  These pouches allow me to use dry erase marker, so I can re-use the worksheet for many groups!!  And my middle school kids LOVE dry erase markers.

Post It Notes Are Your Friend

quick tip 2Preserve your stash of file folders by writing the file folder name on a post it note.  Insert the post it into the file, so you don’t have any writing on the folder.

quick tip 1I store lots of my TPT materials in bins and in my filing cabinet.  I forget to use materials if they are tucked away, so I bought a bin from the dollar store to put all the themed materials in one spot.  Then I can grab and go for therapy without digging around for materials that I want!

Have a quick tip to share?

If you have a fabulous SLP hack or tip to make the #speechlife a little easier, then email me at feliceclark@thedabblingspeechie.com. I would love to feature more “quick tips” from school based SLPs on the blog.